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#51 - bible (08/24/2012) [-]
'Allo there.
#52 to #51 - Kalder ONLINE (08/24/2012) [-]
well Hi
#53 to #52 - bible (08/24/2012) [-]
About that last post.

I never got to see that Celestia, but I have found myself in your stream...I like this art

Where is this Celestia?
#54 to #53 - Kalder ONLINE (08/24/2012) [-]
It was a Pirate Celestia in this stream, she has since moved on to something else but she will post it later im sure, but if you want to watch her draw and join the shenanigans of Amanda's livestream you can always join
[url deleted]
#55 to #54 - Kalder ONLINE (08/24/2012) [-]
seriously? I cant post urls in my profile?
how about this one