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#15 - nikoxasylumz (06/26/2011) [-]
pepsi sucks
Coca-Cola is God of soda
User avatar #16 to #17 - Kajekillz (06/26/2011) [-]
Coca-cola was made by mistake, designed to be a medicine, pepsi was made for the purpose of being a tasty as **** drink
User avatar #21 to #18 - lolzzman (10/07/2011) [-]
i like coke over pepsi...
#17 to #18 - nikoxasylumz (06/26/2011) [-]
Your mom was made to be a women but turned out to be a complete cock sucking whore
User avatar #18 to #19 - Kajekillz (06/26/2011) [-]
Just because your mum was a whore doesn't mean they all are, sounds like someone didn't get enough love as a child :(
User avatar #19 to #20 - nikoxasylumz (06/26/2011) [-]
Im sorry your uncle molested you every day for 3 years. No, I truelly am but what can I say what happens in Alabama stays in alabama
User avatar #20 to #21 - Kajekillz (06/26/2011) [-]
Lol, just as i siad before, what happens to you doesn't happen to evrybody, glad i don't live in Alabama but with more educated people in Britain
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