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frens call me snackman. any and all pics posted on here will oc.


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#1 - Just kids throwing a tantrum  [+] (2 replies) 11/10/2016 on Leftist boogaloo has just... 0
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#2 - aceboy (11/10/2016) [-]
That may be so, but let's not forget from history, that when people left the 3rd wave feminism/SJW in 2012 roam free no one thought they can get so much momentum and then the same happened with us in the 2016 election, not many took us serious enough until it was too late. At least, that is how I see it.
Now i'm not saying to take them too serious but do consider them a possible problem again .
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#3 - JFINE (11/10/2016) [-]
Fair point. Always good to keep your guard up.
#6 - Not that simple  [+] (2 replies) 09/25/2016 on Officer shoots dog (morbid) +3
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#10 - twoeyedcyclops (09/25/2016) [-]
How so?
#12 - peebze (09/25/2016) [-]
Animals can be unpredictable. He may see it as protecting its home, but as a pet it is the owner's job to make sure said animal is trained to listen to their commands. The owner should have let the police know there was a dog in the house so she could have the time to lock him up and let the officers do their duty.

The officer was quick to jump the gun, but preventative measures and proper training from the owner to be able to tell the dog to stop and stay and it wouldn't of happened in the first place. Court will find the officer in the right.
#2 - Not really how that works but OK  [+] (5 replies) 08/21/2016 on gold -12
#25 - flamingwhitetiger (08/21/2016) [-]
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#20 - hikakiller (08/21/2016) [-]
Is this some shitty new troll account?
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#35 - supername (08/22/2016) [-]
well that wasn't very polite.
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#26 - rockamekishiko (08/21/2016) [-]
no, his name is blue, idiot
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#13 - mutzaki (08/21/2016) [-]
Wait, what part of it is it that you have an issue with?