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#48 - Comment deleted 07/15/2016 on rabbit 0
#6 - You took too long, Now your candy's gone......... …  [+] (2 replies) 06/28/2016 on Hi sugar ;) +11
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#14 - xelagnik (07/02/2016) [-]
There was an actual show? With episodes? Where? When? I need the gravy!
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#13 - brobyddark (06/28/2016) [-]
What show? They made, like, two episodes then stopped.
#400 - Washington actually has very relaxed gun laws comparatively to…  [+] (1 reply) 04/15/2016 on Trump's Guns +1
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#402 - alecsucks (04/15/2016) [-]
I live in washington as well and have multiple residents in multiple states but i can assure you its one of the tougher states
#234 - We are talking about two different things here. You …  [+] (11 replies) 04/14/2016 on Trump's Guns +17
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#240 - jacklane (04/14/2016) [-]
so.... what part of "shall not be infringed" do you not understand?
#259 - anon (04/14/2016) [-]
What part of "In order to form a well regulated militia" do you not understand? We have a well regulated militia...its called the national guard.
#302 - anon (04/14/2016) [-]
How about the "In order to form" part -- which is not actually there.
The syntax of the amendment puts forth the idea of a well regulated militia as an example of a justification for the amendment, not as a provision of the amendment itself.

If it said "Transportation to one's place of work, being critical to the maintenance of a healthy economy, the right to own and drive a car shall not be infringed.", would you claim that driving to work is the only allowed use of a car or that anybody who lives less than a certain distance from work should be barred from owning one? The first bit is justification. The second part is the actual legally binding provision. And I'd like to point out that that provision has the strongest wording of any clause in the Constitution.
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#373 - jacklane (04/14/2016) [-]
Not only that good sir, but "well-regulated" was used to describe something that functioned well. So in other words....... "So that it is even fucking possible to have a well-functioning militia" Is roughly how it's worded to the common man.
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#268 - kingderps (04/14/2016) [-]
I'm sure they will help you if your house is broken into and your family is tortured, raped and murdered. I suggest you keep a few well maintained fire arms and know how to use them.
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#283 - admiralen (04/14/2016) [-]
Are you seriously retarded?
In this very comment line he said you have to right to own a firearm and use it for self defense and protecting your property
You are allowed to own a gun in your house in every state faghat
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#405 - kingderps (04/15/2016) [-]
Then when your family is raped and tortured on the fucking street. I hope you get penis cancer.
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#407 - admiralen (04/15/2016) [-]
At least try when you bait
#301 - captainprincess (04/14/2016) [-]
no but it has to be concealed

obviously if your gun is openly displayed you cant actually use it somehow
it has to be hidden so you can whip it out all cool like

only then will the guns internal drama trigger unlock the trigger so you can fire
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#235 - IFuckinLoveHendrix (04/14/2016) [-]
Goddamn I should have reread that before I hit post
#68 - lol 03/30/2016 on Unpopular +2