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#59 - Weren't they just neutral beasts though?  [+] (2 replies) 04/17/2016 on Vanilla lead developer on... +1
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#92 - vigilum (04/17/2016) [-]
Chen Stormstout helping the founding of Orgrimmar is canon
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#61 - capinsquiggles (04/17/2016) [-]
Honestly all I remember of them in Warcraft 3 off the top of my head is that in some custom modes you could play a hero champion called "Pandaren Brewmaster"
#8 - Picture  [+] (3 replies) 04/10/2016 on when in doubt +25
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#66 - newepic (04/11/2016) [-]
Forgot how ridiclous this show got at the end of season 2
#18 - asasqw (04/11/2016) [-]
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#12 - darthdingo (04/10/2016) [-]
Anti-spiral Buster Tengen Toppa Guren Lagann!
#4 - Bosnia got that Han Solo thing going on.  [+] (14 replies) 04/10/2016 on women +55
#5 - iamthebestever (04/10/2016) [-]
We dont wear as often anymore, but we also have never and will never wear the burka excluding fundamentalist minority . Source: i am a bosnian.
#24 - anon (04/10/2016) [-]
you live in the same country as schnizel?

my condolences
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#6 - basaltface (04/10/2016) [-]
you should, that stuff is a clear 10\10...not even joking
#7 - iamthebestever (04/10/2016) [-]
?? The traditional or the burka?
#15 - guanyu (04/10/2016) [-]
Yes, iamthebestever, the burka is 10/10.
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#8 - basaltface (04/10/2016) [-]
traditional of course... fuck burkas
#9 - iamthebestever (04/10/2016) [-]
I had a set, but its gone now, i outgrew it. My grandmother and oldest aunt still wear it though. They arent all shiny though. Just cotton for everyday.
#10 - basaltface (04/10/2016) [-]
just googled the "standart" versions. Still looks pretty good to me, id wear it if i would be a girl atleast...but then again the male attires are pretty cool too.
#11 - iamthebestever (04/10/2016) [-]
NOOONE of the boys wear that! Haha holy shit theyd rather die. Uhhm. They do wear it for folklore though our traditional dances and shit. Look that up if your into it. Fair warning though we like the accordian.
#12 - basaltface (04/10/2016) [-]
yeh i notice lol, its actually pretty cool what you do with traditional stuff. Gonna look deeper into that, as for the accordian... yeh.. we got it here too quite a lot, i even gotta play it every year for granny. Compared to our traditonal garb yours is way cooler imo tho
#13 - iamthebestever (04/10/2016) [-]
Are yoi german?
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#14 - basaltface (04/10/2016) [-]
close guess, nope but austrian
#16 - iamthebestever (04/10/2016) [-]
My second guess.
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#37 - commontroll (04/10/2016) [-]
Just hurry up and make accordion playing mountain babies guys.
#12 - That was really Ford's doing though, he wanted to die within t…  [+] (2 replies) 04/10/2016 on 1598 +24
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#13 - aestheticdionysos (04/10/2016) [-]
I know how Ford feels about his character, but he's character became so big part of the story, that without him will not be the same. But what you said is true for Chewie as well, so they can kill him off because the same reasons.?
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#19 - HAMMATIMEZ (04/10/2016) [-]
Well that doesn't really work the same way, Ford wanted his character dead because he didn't want to be invincible. A character like chewie is really up to the director's discretion, in my opinion because there isn't an actor that is known as chewie, no one that can really give a proper input when they become the character.

When Han is being frozen and Leia says "I love you", the original script called for Han to say "I love you too" but instead he decided on the much adored "I know" as he felt that the line better suited the character. Ford became the character and had his input, as did he with his death. This may be true or not, but I believe he said he would only come back for the new trilogy if he could die.

It was mainly Ford's choice to have his character die because he made it his character and he did it so well that Harrison Ford is almost synonymous with Han Solo.

I can't really comment on the timing of his death in the movie because I already knew that it was going to happen due to spoilers but I did feel that the shock factor of it would have been outdone by a more emotional approach like having more interaction between Ben and Han instead of just the one and a couple "I'm gonna get my son back" lines. Kind of preying on Kylo's inner conflict with his waning light side situation.
#11 - You really didn't 04/10/2016 on 1668 0