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#116 - Picture  [+] (1 reply) 03/30/2016 on Whats Your Favorite Version? +11
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#139 - sonofargo (03/30/2016) [-]
I always found that kinda sad when i sold both versions of a game to one kid.
#11 - Source?  [+] (3 replies) 02/07/2015 on wanna hear something cool? +1
#34 - anon (02/07/2015) [-]
Syrsa Music on Youtube my man
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#19 - thesupervillian (02/07/2015) [-]
I can't remember exact source, but I know for a fact that it was from SYRSA, or maybe Dutuvan. (Its the same person regardless.)
( www.youtube.com/user/SYRSAmusic/featured )

If you dont understand what I mean here is an explanation to my best of memory:
It may be from back when SYRSA was called Dutuvan or something like that. There was a lot of conflict with his music being posted due to the fact that it often featured large humanoid aliens that would have the appearance of being pregnant and nude. This was ART and not porn, but youtube didn't give a fuck and striked the account or something. So I think Dutuvan changed to SYRSA because of that. The aliens weren't actually nude btw, they just looked like that. They never had any genitalia or nipples or anything.
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#20 - thesupervillian (02/07/2015) [-]
Yeah, Gyroninja, I searched a little bit further and Dutuvan is pretty much deleted, so i'm guessing all the animations he did with that account are gone, aside from the ones uploaded by a fan to keep them alive. So if you just want to know the creator then go to SYRSAmusic on youtube or look for him on deviantart.
#13 - i bring sauce!...kinda i dont actually remember where i got this?  [+] (7 replies) 01/01/2015 on Admin +65
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#415 - MRfunnyFACE (01/01/2015) [-]
these also have side boobs, huge improvement
#362 - badsamaritan (01/01/2015) [-]
#71 - anon (01/01/2015) [-]
from Highschool DxD
#58 - anon (01/01/2015) [-]
high school dxd
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#15 - tazze (01/01/2015) [-]
source is Highschool DxD
damn OP traced that animation so fucking bad
#131 - thevsamovies (01/01/2015) [-]
Don't worry, here's gif the sauce of the sauce gif
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#17 - Gyroninja (01/01/2015) [-]
lol, i knowits from highschool dd. I meant i dont remember where i got the gif itself from. I think it was a fj post a while back
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