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#169 - You used a satirical quote from Steven Colbert, a man who hate… 08/28/2016 on Trumper Comp27 +Pepe 0
#183 - Are you insinuating that every poll that's been dome in the la…  [+] (7 new replies) 08/25/2016 on Election forecast +1
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#239 - heartlessrobot (08/25/2016) [-]
Yes, actually.
Because the media is currently waging war on trump.
Which is to prevent riots when 80-90% of America votes for trump and hillary wins anyways.
Because they're probably not gonna even look at the votes, they'll just put Hillary in office.
#250 - yusatatsuaki (08/25/2016) [-]
What grounds do you have for believing 80-90% of Americans will vote for Trump?
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#252 - heartlessrobot (08/25/2016) [-]
I don't, it's probably going to end up like, 51% trump, 9% third party, 40% hillary
But it could be 99% trump, 1% third party, 0% hillary, and hillary will still end up president.
#257 - anon (08/25/2016) [-]
So how do you explain the fact that Trump is getting destroyed in the polls?
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#259 - heartlessrobot (08/25/2016) [-]
Because they have no obligation to release the actual information and would rather just lie to us because nobody has the balls to do anything?
#268 - yusatatsuaki (08/25/2016) [-]
What if I told you Trump's internal polling lined up with the 20 other polls?
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#189 - chenn (08/25/2016) [-]
There've been over 20 polls, each one of them showing Hillary winning. Breitbart news (right-wing news organization) even created their own polls to prove that "ALL the others are biased"...they found out Hillary's winning.
So yeah, OP's conspiracy is bullshit.
#41 - HAHAHAHA Reagan ended the Cold War and what is now the Democra… 08/24/2016 on Trumper Comp23 -4
#69 - Is this ******* satire? You're really going to post a complete… 08/09/2016 on In case you missed it, 0
#113 - This is ******* disgusting. This is the we…  [+] (1 new reply) 08/04/2016 on The A-Ha Moment +20
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#124 - aGuy (08/05/2016) [-]
I agree, If they are making those claims they have to back it up with something creditable. >>#123
#114 - How much more? Because if he decreased the income tax from 25%… 08/03/2016 on Clinton's & Trump's tax plans +2
#108 - That's great, you have money. But we don't have: > A de…  [+] (5 new replies) 08/03/2016 on Clinton's & Trump's tax plans +2
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#190 - containlettersonly (08/03/2016) [-]
The probablem with all of those things is not that enough money is being spent, it's just being spent poorly. With Trumps negotiating skills much of the difference will be made up.

Also firefighters make a fuckload of money.
#129 - anon (08/03/2016) [-]
Is this a joke or what. He's not removing all the taxes there will still be police,roads,schools and military if trump gets elected but we the people will have more control on what we do with our money. If you want to help the world with your extra tax money then do it no one is stopping you.
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#118 - valyn (08/03/2016) [-]
We don't have any of those things anyways; most of my tax dollars go to graft, porkbarrelling, and waste. If my roads, schools, and cops are shitty anyways I want to at least keep my money
#111 - chalklatsaltyballz (08/03/2016) [-]
He's taxing the rich more to make up for it, jackass.
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#114 - GodofTV (08/03/2016) [-]
How much more? Because if he decreased the income tax from 25% - 10% for everyone making 75k and below (roughly 5/7 or 72% of Americans (and I know it's scaled, but I'm assuming a general decrease for every bracket below)), then we would have to tax the other 28% by literally 80-90% to even break even.

If that's not socialism then I don't know what the fuck is.
#155 - When Americans arm themselves to fight the police for illegall…  [+] (4 new replies) 08/02/2016 on On this day 0
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#157 - weaponologist (08/02/2016) [-]
The difference is night and day

Systemic racism and police brutality against blacks has been disproven. Go take a quick thirty second look at the FBI statistics on race and crime and police response.

Blacks are 14% of population yet commit over 50% of the violent crimes. But police are twice as likely to kill a white man than a black man in the same situation.

You are wrong.
#196 - anon (08/08/2016) [-]
Dude, you got fukkin rekt
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#168 - fables (08/03/2016) [-]
and it's not the fact that a man is killed by a cop, it's the reason or LACK of a reason for it

looking at crime statistics doesn't disprove anything
and a man doesn't deserve to die for running from police

people with training as cops are speaking out saying there's no need to end someone's life unless they point a gun at you. they are saying they were trained to end someone's life ONLY in that situation.
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#167 - fables (08/03/2016) [-]
you're right, it is night and day

...black and white, even
#43 - "16 of the most powerful Republicans in the country"… 08/02/2016 on I Kekkldorfed 0
#140 - The black veterans who fought back against the police. 08/02/2016 on On this day -1