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Hey im seth nice to meet you. hows it goin

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#5 - Eh gilette is cool with me. They send out i think a free mach …  [+] (2 replies) 05/29/2013 on Scumbag Gillette +1
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#8 - xanaga (05/29/2013) [-]
How did they even know though. Most people i know got one too. I always thought that was fucking odd
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#11 - GhandisPimpCane (05/29/2013) [-]
to be honest i have no idea kinda creepy know that i think of it
#59 - ya i completly agree with you I've just known some dramatic wo…  [+] (4 replies) 05/14/2013 on BAM puberty 0
#60 - HorriblyCrazy (05/14/2013) [-]
I think it's far use when maybe someone gets to skip ahead in a lunch line because she's not feeling well and just needs to go eat right away (especially if they're getting dizzy or lightheaded), or wants to lay down during class and goes to the sick room, or gets free tea or something. Some girls really do need to sit out of activities, or work somewhere else where they find it easier to focus. They also might just genuinley need to lay down (strategically) on the couch, curled up in a ball, eating chocolate and watching the Breakfast Club.
Personally, I think it's okay to stay home from school or less serious commitments when a girl is having her period, if she's just having a really really bad day.
When I first started mine, by brother came home to find me laying face down on the living room floor, half crying, half just letting tears leak from my eyes, and humming with my cat sitting on my back and Fresh Prince reruns on TV; I really did feel like if I moved, I'd collapse in a heap with a migraine serious enough to get the government to allow me to shoot myself in the face to spare myself from suffering.
It can get really bad, and usually the best idea is to just assume the woman is telling the truth, because you're not in her body and you don't know what she's experiencing.

My teacher lets me make tea in class everyday because he knows I have some anxiety and depression that I'm working through and I never get enough sleep (unrelated to periods).
To other people, it probably looks really unfair, but they don't know the full story, and he'd do the same for them if they were in my position.
It's all about percpective.

Some women are just bitches in general, but don't let that cause you to make unfair judgement or assumptions of other women because of it.
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#203 - lustuad (05/14/2013) [-]
im only faving for the gif...
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#62 - GhandisPimpCane (05/14/2013) [-]
dont worry it hasnt, i hope your problems work out though. I know i had insomnia during high school, may have been due to cutting weight for wrestling but now in college i knock out just fine and have no depression any more. Good luck
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#211 - HorriblyCrazy (05/14/2013) [-]