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dont you ever call me santa or dumbledoor

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#29 - the **** BVS film did you watch with batman being raped? The *…  [+] (5 replies) 09/15/2016 on youth 0
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#31 - daniboyi (09/15/2016) [-]
Not in the movie. But Zack Snyder has mentioned in an interview, that he wanted to make a movie where Bruce was raped in prison.

He mentions that batman getting raped in prison is something that could be in an origin-story in a movie he had full control over.
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#32 - Gandalfthewhite (09/15/2016) [-]
Well let's just hope that shit doesn't go further than an idea.
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#33 - daniboyi (09/15/2016) [-]
I pray so. I hope Snyder isn't allowed to make anymore movies for DC. We need something more than a good fight-scene.
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#41 - jamiemsm (09/15/2016) [-]
i doubt it will. isn't Affleck both the writer and directer of the solo batman movie?
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#34 - Gandalfthewhite (09/15/2016) [-]
i wouldn't mind him being involved a bit but only for the visual stuff, personally i think we should just let Ben Affleck have full reign on a Batman film. Let him and Leto get really into it
#28 - If you put ledger's joker into Suicide Squad damn near everyon…  [+] (1 reply) 09/15/2016 on youth +4
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#42 - rjgnal (09/15/2016) [-]
if letos dog-snoring wouldve had more time in the movie i wouldve killed myself before it was over
#82 - I've had both withing memory, had it off when i was 12-13 and …  [+] (4 replies) 09/14/2016 on Reasons +4
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#87 - pingun (09/14/2016) [-]
Did you hit puberty and find out about masturbation before or after you lost it? Since as far as i know, mastubation is a lot easier with a foreskin, with or without lube.
Thats just as far as i know
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#119 - pristinepanda (09/14/2016) [-]
It's not like getting off is a chore that i'd like to be done with in 5 seconds.
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#136 - pingun (09/14/2016) [-]
I know the feeling bud, it can take me 3 hours to get off.
Down to occasionall 20min after work somedays, but yeah.
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#88 - Gandalfthewhite (09/14/2016) [-]
i discovered it at least a year or two before, and it's no real harder really. I won't go into detail but it's no harder huehue than before
#71 - Some people do things like that. They're rare but i have seen …  [+] (1 reply) 09/13/2016 on check yourself before you... +1
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#72 - lincolnpenis (09/13/2016) [-]
Better than gunfights, I suppose. But then less gypsies would be fab.
#69 - Or just go on worldstar  [+] (4 replies) 09/13/2016 on check yourself before you... +2
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#77 - infinitereaper (09/13/2016) [-]
stay away from that godawful site, if anything those videos make me said, worldstar is a perfect example of just how far black culture has fallen, nothing but mindless violence and brain damage, also most of the fights are unfair
#122 - thechosenchildsaid (09/13/2016) [-]
"I want to see more fights."

>no don't go on that site for uploading fights, it's bad
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#130 - infinitereaper (09/13/2016) [-]
Which is much different from black people instigating fights "yelling world star" and purposely trying to kill each other or cripple someone.
#129 - infinitereaper (09/13/2016) [-]
'rekt' doesn't just means fights, it means literal often, explosive accidents or attacks both to things and people. Such as, a truck falling over and crushing a car or some guy being struck by lightning twice or other crazy accident.