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A degenerate sword loving, fencing, asshole. Been on FJ since 13, now I'm twenty DAMN.

I like pie.

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Wow, 7 years elder.

Story checks out.
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Hey fuck you, fuckyoufatben, das racist.
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Or maybe some of us just lurked for along time then made am account.
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Allow me to correct myself. I mean the actual new users. Not the old lurkers.
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Im prolly a white name, been on this site since 2011 i think, just didnt make an account
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I remember when Accounts became a thing. Shit was so cash.
#39 - He never teleported. Just a form of high speed movement throug…  [+] (15 replies) 11/30/2016 on The real mvp of naruto 0
#61 - bluemagebrilly (11/30/2016) [-]
I can't find a clip off it, but you can tell from his very first introduction that he does not use high speed movement. He appears in a puff of smoke on top of his turtle, in the exact same way people like Kakashi have been shown to teleport before. It was definitely a Jutsu and not movement.

I don't think there was a factor of "I just don't know how" since they say very clearly that he "can't." Just having no talent in it wouldn't really say that he "can't" do something. Unlike Lee, who really just can't.

I don't think Gai should have beat Madara, but I think it should have been a factor of people doing constant damage to Madara to make the fight easier. That way it really hits home that Naruto/Sasuke couldn't have done it alone. Like have Madara go to use a Jutsu or dodge, then he hesitates because of the pain in his body from where Gai punched the crap out of him, so he gets hit by another attack that damages him even more.
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#110 - FuckYouFatBen (12/01/2016) [-]
The Jutsu you are referencing; naruto.wikia.com/wiki/Body_Flicker_Technique

As for not beating Madara, while I agree that would have helped. The whole situation with Kaguya made it so that it was nothing but a really long boss battle. To me, Kishimoto has this bad habit of retconning in the middle of a fucing arc. Hence why Shukaku is so much more different than the other Biju. He changes things so frequently and without warning that you're left with more questions than answers.

I've written Naruto fan fics for almost a decade and studied the show intensively. ANd I can tell you, that man had less direction than Oda and I would even argue Kubo. Kubo only retconned small things. His problem was the pulling shit out the ass aspect.

#67 - heyyoutoo (11/30/2016) [-]
Afaik, there are only two ways to teleport: using seals(Minato) or Sharingan. Guy has neither, he didn't teleport. Guy has a thing for dramatics, he might have used smoke bomb or w/e to make him look cooler.
#76 - bluemagebrilly (11/30/2016) [-]
No? What show were you watching?

There are a billion ways to teleport.

Gai used the one that almost everyone could do. It wasn't Minato's way. It wasn't the Sharingan, which doesn't teleport at all by the by excluding Obito's version. It was the Shushin Jutsu, or however you spell that.

Almost every character has used some variation of it at least once. Most Konoha Ninja use the "Leaf" version and disappear in a tornado of leafs, but most just disappear in a puff of smoke. Gaara also uses it right before his fight with Lee as a "Sand" version. The Shunshin is, typically, just a short burst teleport. Nothing even near Minato's level and not even close to what Obito could do, which was just moving through an alternate dimension.

Gai appears in a puff of smoke. There's no blur of movement or anything to indicate it was a high speed movement; he just explodes onto the turtle, and it definitely wasn't the technique Minato uses. That takes 3 people to pull off anyways, if you aren't the Yellow Flash himself.
#80 - heyyoutoo (11/30/2016) [-]
First of all, you made me find a fucking old video.
Second, you are an idiot for thinking that most ninjas can teleport. Learn the difference between body movement and teleporting. You might takes this as an insult, but this is a fact.
Third, Gai is physically fast enough to make him look like teleporting and he is fucking posing in that scene with turtle so i am extremely inclined that he used smoke bomb for effect and simply moved really fast(You also don't see a body blur when other ninjas are performing the technique).
Fourth, the sands/leaves/mist/fire/w.e is used as a distraction while the Ninja performs the body flicker technique
#82 - bluemagebrilly (11/30/2016) [-]
First, I didn't make you do anything.

Second, using chakra to increase their movement and do short-ranged teleports is something they do constantly. Using it for long distances or in the middle of combat, because it takes concentration, is very difficult and usually avoided... Or do you want to argue that people are just "moving fast" when they use the Kawarimi? You know, the one that swaps places with something else? The one they use constantly while in mid air and have no way of moving quickly? The one Jutsu that has been used by almost every single Ninja we've seen? Great fact.

Third, Gai may be fast enough to look like he's teleporting, but that doesn't mean he did. Why would he? That would've just hurt his turtle that he appears on, in pose by the by, and the smoke that appears would have been pushed aside in an instant if he was moving that fast. Moving that fast and landing on a turtle also wouldn't make smoke appear regardless and Lee definitely would've noticed him nearby before he spoke / had the turtle appear because he'd be used to Gai's quick movement entries. There was also, like, no place for him to really enter with quick movement anyways, other than upstairs... Which he definitely didn't appear from.

Fourth, it's not used as a distraction, but as a flare along with whatever chakra they happen to be using. Gaara, for example, uses sand because he had control over it and used it as a basis for his teleporation. It let him detect where he wanted to go with his technique; this being the middle of the arena. Other Ninja, like Kakashi, are just good enough to know where they want to go, but it's also why we only see them really use it in town since they wouldn't know the exact layout of the area they're in, or be able to focus on it during combat.

Trust me, with the exception of the last bit since I think the ending arc was stupid, I know what I'm talking about with Naruto. Been a fan since it began and I know how the Jutsu were intended to work, up until the final arc where Kishi just tossed his hands up and said "Screw it. Alien bunny moms are all the rage." and tossed out the Jutsus he had made up until that point out the window.
#83 - heyyoutoo (11/30/2016) [-]
Mate, you know shit about Naruto. mangafox.me/manga/naruto/v43/c395/9.html

The teleportation you are talking about is just high speed movement, i am talking about actual teleportation, like Minato and Sharingan users can do.

About Kawarimi, could it just be that they prepared something before hand to actually allow them to move midair? Wires and shit? Because you know, actual fucking teleportation in Naruto is rare. Like when Sasuke got caught in Jutsu by Onoki and Tobi/Obito had to actually teleport him out for him to escape. Or why the fuck would Kankaro's fucking pupet that is a fucking iron maiden would be useful at all if anybody can simply fucking teleport outside. h.mfcdn.net/store/manga/8/02-013.0/compressed/naruto_v02_ch013_114.jpg for example, why doesn't Kakashi simply use body flicker to escape the water prison? Don't pull fucking "It is a sealing Jutsu" because Zabuza hasn't shown any skills for sealing space time jutsus.
#84 - bluemagebrilly (11/30/2016) [-]
You lost all credibility when you said they prepared something in mid air with wires.

You actually think they prepared a perfectly cut log, in the middle of battle, while they were moving, in an ambush... and...swapped to it... with wires? An instant before shurikenor kunai rammed into them? Literally as they get hit, they explode into smoke and turn into a log... and you think that's wires?

It's Jutsu. They breathe friggin' fire and you're acting like everything has to have some explanation in our rules. I never said the teleportation was something anyone can do whenever the hell they want, but it's a very common move. Minato just revolutionized it by making it something he can use instantly and from extremely long distances, which no one else can do. Everything else takes a lot of concentration and knowing their surroundings.
#90 - heyyoutoo (11/30/2016) [-]
You lost all credibility when you said that actual teleportation is very common move. You can't disprove me so you are just talking about one point that i can't explain with 100% certainty because it is never explained in manga or anime(or i have forgotten that it is explained, but you can't post proof for that so you can't disprove me and we are in same position).

Now, since i posted those pages(about "teleportation" just being really quick movement in first page) and Kakashi not teleporting out of water prison when he can see fucking out of it.

The thing is, i have facts from manga that say that Body flicker("teleportation") is just a really quick movement(and you can see that ninjas can move so fast that other ninjas don't even see a blur because the first thing the team thought is that Obito used body flicker)
#93 - bluemagebrilly (11/30/2016) [-]
I can't disprove you? I already did. Shunshin and Kawarimi are both teleportation. Hell, Shunshin's english name, I'm pretty sure, is teleportation Jutsu. Yes, it isn't space-time Jutsu where they poof and then poof somewhere else, but it is a teleportation technique. It happens in an instant and it's extremely common. This is fact.

Kakashi couldn't move in the water prison, so he couldn't do Jutsu. I also vaguely recall it draining his chakra, but I could be wrong on that. They also say that The Kawarimi is only used when you're hit, not just whenever you want.

And yes, it's fast movement, but it's instant. Thus, teleportation. It isn't space-time and I never said it was. The swapping Jutsu, Kawarimi, however... That's pure teleportation and there's no way around that. It definitely isn't wires and it's definitely chakra based. For the sake of your sanity, I'll say the Kawarimi could just move someone around extremely fast and swap a log extremely fast with them as well... But that's still teleportation, especially since it can happen as they're hit.

And no, that doesn't make what you were saying Gai did teleportation. Because fast movement without chakra = just moving fast. It creates gusts of wind, friction, and typically has a blur of movement. It also takes 0 chakra, unless you some to reinforce your body like Lee and Gai do with the gates, though I'm not sure if that counts as actually reinforcement.

Shunshin takes chakra. It is a burst of chakra moving you extremely fast in an instant to where you want to go. Yes, it's still movement, but it is a teleportation because of how quickly it teleports you and how it can seemingly move through objects, if Ninja just appearing in the middle of buildings isn't proof enough of that. Yes, they can't use it while disabled because hey, they need focus, chakra, and a way to move. Again, it's not space-time Jutsu, but it's still an extremely common one. It also doesn't create any wind or friction, excluding the small puff of smoke that's created upon reaching your destination along with the smoke created whenever you start the Jutsu up.

If it was just quick movement and that was it, it wouldn't require chakra and children in the academy wouldn't be able to use it so well. Naruto could use the Kawarimi and he was as slow as a snail when he first started. You really wanna say it's just fast movement? You're wrong, man.
#94 - heyyoutoo (11/30/2016) [-]
Mate. I fucking posted you a page of manga which confirmed what i said. Unless you can post a page from manga(or databooks) that disprove that page, you have no point.
#95 - bluemagebrilly (11/30/2016) [-]
Mm? The page you posted said it was licensed and therefore unavailable.

But honestly, I could post everything I just said with facts behind them and you wouldn't believe them. You could also just look it up yourself, but you won't.

I know what I said is the truth and if you don't want to believe me and just want to keep insulting me... Then I've got no reason to continue this discussion. You've given me nothing but your own thoughts anyways. Mr. "Kawarimi is just wires."

Next you'll say Henge is just a picture. Or the Kyuubi is just a bunch of red magnets.
#96 - heyyoutoo (11/30/2016) [-]
Naruto chapter 395, page 9: Shino says "No... It wasn't teleportation. How do i know? Because teleportation is merely high-speed movement - the bugs still would've sensed the direction he moved they wouldn't let him escape." Kakashi thoughts:"...Which means he used a space-time ninjutsu? In that situation? No... That's impossible". Here is the proof from manga that what you call teleportation is actually high-speed movement, unless you are talking about actual teleportation - space-time ninjutsu(which only around 4-5 ninjas in naruto can do if i recal correctly). Disprove me with page from manga that the page i quoted is incorrect. I am waiting, but you can't do that because you know shit about Naruto.
#97 - bluemagebrilly (11/30/2016) [-]
... Your realize you just contradicted yourself if that quote is exact, right?

"Teleportation is merely high-speed movement."

That's what I've been saying this whole time and you've been arguing that Gai could do it the exact same way everyone else could, even though it's a Jutsu that gives them that high speed movement. Probably the same with Kawarimi, but regardless, it is teleportation because it's an instant movement. No down time.

It also clearly takes chakra, otherwise the bugs and especially children couldn't use it / detect it just from the movement alone.

But whatever, you can keep sayin' I don't know what I'm talking 'bout all you want.
#98 - heyyoutoo (11/30/2016) [-]
Did you just ignore the part that Kakashi thought? Did you just fucking ignore parts of quotes just to fucking try to disprove me? Are you that desperate?

I also started using simply "teleportation" and "actual teleportation" since few comments ago to differ between the two things(because explaining which one i meant every single time would take too long). "Actual teleportation" is instantaneous movement(you disappear and simply appear in a different place), while "teleportation" is high speed movement. You have been arguing that Gai(and a lot of other ninjas) can do instantaneous movement, while i have been saying that only around 4-5 ninjas can do that. You have been saying that Gai(and other ninjas too) can disappear and appear in a different place, i have been saying that you are an idiot for saying that because there are enough statements from characters in Naruto to disprove you. You aren't character in Naruto so, your assumption <<<<<< words from character in Naruto.