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first God of funnyjunk (before fagmin increased level requirement)

i used to be popular but that was when FJ was cool and now i'm like an old senile grandpa scoffing at the new generation

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#11689792 - where the hot girls at  [+] (5 new replies) 05/13/2016 on Old Board. Go to... 0
#11689805 - invaderfromthesea (05/13/2016) [-]
If you don't mind a flat chest and dick, there are some here.
#11689801 - anon (05/13/2016) [-]
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#11689798 - checkemninja (05/13/2016) [-]
with chad
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#11689797 - yourdonutz (05/13/2016) [-]
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#11689796 - therealorkanoidz (05/13/2016) [-]
Not here.
#41 - it is a piece of gum 05/13/2016 on something something cute... 0
#67 - nothing personnel* 05/13/2016 on Overwatch: Death teleports... +1
#66 - this overwatch content spam is obnoxious  [+] (1 new reply) 05/13/2016 on Overwatch: Death teleports... 0
#78 - blowbags (05/13/2016) [-]
Block it brother
#33 - this isn't good motivation for those trying to lose weight, th…  [+] (6 new replies) 05/13/2016 on Some sanity from my... 0
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#47 - sketchE (05/13/2016) [-]
well then they need to be lesse dumb and realise that you can have one bad meal as long as you have good meals and work out. when i started working on the slope (prudhoe bay oil fields not a ski resort) i started eating a salad for lunch cereal and fruit for breakfast. then id eat whatever the fuck i wanted for dinner. i was also on my feet and working for 12 hours. i lost 11 pounds in 2 weeks
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#82 - FightClub (05/14/2016) [-]
that's because the other meals you're eating are heavily reduced in caloric content than what you used to be eating, and the exercise helps as well. most of what you lost is water weight, too. it sounds like you may be a bit on the heavier side too judging by that amount of weight loss in such a short period, so such a change will show drastic effects for you

but once you start having a lower body fat percentage and/or your metabolism adapts to your new caloric intake, that one bad meal can fuck up your entire day and you will stop losing weight.

nutrition works by calorie and macronutrient consumption, and how much your body needs to lose, maintain, or gain weight. just because you eat healthily for part of the day doesn't mean it's okay to eat bad at the end of it -- your body is just currently getting less calories than it used to, for the time being
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#83 - sketchE (05/14/2016) [-]
i was 207 and dropped to 195
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#85 - FightClub (05/15/2016) [-]
still mostly water
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#86 - sketchE (05/15/2016) [-]
yeah probably. before i started working there id eat maybe two meals a day and at least one of them was fastfood or pizza
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#87 - FightClub (05/15/2016) [-]
the lack of calories is the cause, but it will plateau eventually if you don't moderate that fast food
#43 - does he have to do the pose 05/13/2016 on Next Level Cosplay +1
#51 - title got me 05/08/2016 on The 'Tistic tale of Captain... 0
#179 - oh right right 05/04/2016 on Goodbye Gawker 0
#177 - why's he suing again  [+] (2 new replies) 05/04/2016 on Goodbye Gawker 0
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#178 - aamann (05/04/2016) [-]
"Former wrestler claims gossip website leaked sealed court documents"
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#179 - FightClub (05/04/2016) [-]
oh right right
#175 - original plz 05/04/2016 on Goodbye Gawker 0