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My name is Elmo,

I once was a pedophile, but those days are over.

Now I go behind the Wal-Mart at the end of Sesame Street, and smoke a joint with Big Bird and Cookie Monster.

You know you wish you were me.

I make money by being a hooker, seeing that I am homeless and using Cookie Monster's computer while he's out on dates.
And remember kids, eat your veggies!

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User avatar #663 - beastkenten (05/10/2015) [-]
I shall do my best
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#217 - Slavery was a huge factor of the war, no doubt, but it was mai…  [+] (12 new replies) 08/29/2014 on Teachers +4
User avatar #220 - welliguessitsaname (08/29/2014) [-]
...pretty much this, ye
#219 - noschool (08/29/2014) [-]
yes but they left because of the slavery, the only reason they left was because of slavery, ya you can attempt to justify it as a war about the union trying to prevent the south from leaving, but everything goes back to slavery.
User avatar #221 - welliguessitsaname (08/29/2014) [-]
Okay, take two. A few states left the Union and formed the Confederacy of Independent Systems because the North had more political power. The North wanted the states to rejoin the Union, and for peace to resume. The seceded states refused, and the war was fought by the North to rebuild the Union and by the South for independence.
#223 - noschool (08/29/2014) [-]
but they left the union because they feared the government was going to abolish slavery.
User avatar #226 - welliguessitsaname (08/29/2014) [-]
...oh yeah
carry on
#232 - noschool (08/29/2014) [-]
i don't have more to say, in a nutshell the civil war was the south leaving the union because the feared the government was going to abolish slavery. Lincoln's election was what pushed the south over the cliff, but the country had been divided over slavery since the Missouri compromise back in 1820. The south believed that Lincoln was anti-slavery and in favor of Northern interests. Before Lincoln was even president, seven states had seceded from the Union.
User avatar #594 - kingdork (08/29/2014) [-]
Lets put it in context. The anti-slavery groups and abolitionists were, by every measurable account, fucking nuts. There was Wendell Phillips, who had advocated the northern states secede in the 1840s to form an anti-slavery republic and cut off the south from industry. You had William Lloyd Garrison, the man that ran into the capital building and burned a copy of the constitution before all of the congressmen. You had Charles Sumner, the abolitionist senator that is famous for having been beaten by a cane on capital floor by a southern senator shortly before the beginning of the civil war. Phillips and SUmner attended the communist international as delegates.

Most of the people in the U.S. protested slavery. The rift between southern and northern states goes back to the 1700s, as can be noted in the Federalist Papers. The leaders of these abolitionist groups were socialists, almost all of them. They protested "chattel slavery" of the south. Yet they opposed "wage slavery" of the north. They wanted all slaves in the south emancipated and for all land from the landowners to be redistributed to those slaves so they can build up prosperous socialist communes. They wanted the factories of the north to be owned by the workers with all profits distributed fairly. Socialists, though a small number of the U.S. population, represented the entire anti-slavery movement, supported by the majority of peoples, because Horace Greeley, who owned the first newspaper in american history to circulate 90,000 copies, was a radical who attended the first International Workingmen's Association, commonly referred to as the First Communist International.

Also, America was founded on the principal of limited government. The theory was that if a nation covers too many people and too much land, it will stretch beyond those limits. Most of the founders believed the United States would expand westward, then break up into a commonwealth of 3 or 4 republics.
#596 - noschool (08/29/2014) [-]
i suppose that's true but i don't see how it relates to what i said and really it doesn't change the fact the civil war was caused by slavery.
User avatar #598 - kingdork (08/29/2014) [-]
They feared that the crazies were going to hold too much power in government. Remember, the united states was founded under the principals of limited government. Lots of the abolitionists also wanted to legislate how much land a man can own, how he educated his children, where he lived, what his job was, etc etc. Abolitionists didnt just want to free the slaves, they wanted to totally restructure society as a whole. It got to be so bad that in the civil war, the Republican Party, founded as an anti-slavery party, split into a faction of the Lincoln Republicans and the Radical Republicans. Lincoln Republicans wanted to see gradual abolition, along with compensation to slave-owners from the government. Radical Republicans wanted to see the slaves taken by force, with no compensation. The Radicals even went to the point of creating a paramilitary wing called the Wide Awake Republicans. They were active in the year preceding Lincoln's election. They rarely incited violence, but they co-ordinated massive marching protests to happen in multiple cities all over the country at the same time. They were made up of men, mostly in their teens and twenties, and trained to march like an army. They distributed comic books showing northern abolitionists violently overthrowing southern landowners, and put W.A.R., abbreviating their movement, on the covers. The Radical Republicans, made up of such radicals as Robert Dale Owen, the man that spent almost a decade trying to legislate a national limit on the number of children families can have, created the radically blasphemous 14th amendment which stripped away the voting rights of all confederates that participated in the rebellion in any way. The southern states were under military occupation until they ratified that amendment and it is still being used today to strip ex-cons of their voting rights.
#599 - noschool (08/29/2014) [-]
ya the radicals were present but I would assume the radicals were in the minority, because they didn't have the support to get any legislation that you are describing through congress, and if the south was really worried about the radicals they should have been content with Lincoln because he wasn't a radical, and he himself said he wasn't going to abolish slavery in the south. the big reason why the south liked limited government was because the states didn't want the government to come in and say you can't have slaves.
User avatar #600 - kingdork (08/30/2014) [-]
Well, the Wide Awake Republicans were distributing propaganda about how the southern landowners should be massacred while carrying 30 foot high portraits of Lincoln. When Lincoln went to give a campaign speech, they'd line the sides of Lincoln sometimes. The legislation I described was introduced. Remember, Robert Dale Owen actually introduced child-limit legislation and spend a good amount of time on trying to get it through. Despite Lincoln not being a radical himself, he gave positions of power to radicals that were friends of his, or radicals that had done favors for him. One of Lincoln's generals, Weydemeyer, was outright Marxist and he set up over fifty communist communes in the south during reconstruction, which practically chased industry out of there for many decades.

Also, the Republicans played a major part in ramming through Homestead legislation. Most people living in the west at that time had settled there by making a deal with local indians or just setting up shop in some place no one was living at. Under the Homestead Act, which transferred much of the unclaimed land to the west to the government, anyone living out there that didn't have a deed was liable to being kicked off the land by the government or by any wealthy person wanting to buy up the land there. The effects of this still linger. You may remember the Bundy standoff. That family settled on that ranch over 200 years ago, when there was no state or territorial government in that part of the country to file a deed with. That family still doesn't have a deed to the family. Homestead also allowed lots of railroad companies to have to compete for government contracts instead of allowing them to compete freely. Railroad companies hired lots of gun thugs to take out competitors that could steal the contracts and to wipe out deedless landowners. Government allowed railroad companies to own one tenth of the nation's land yet government had big influence over how the land was used.
#601 - noschool (08/30/2014) [-]
ya radical people doing radical shit gets famous, i mean we had the west baptist church a while back and that was just a small group of people that became famous for there actions because they were so radical. people talk a lot more about the minority that tries to stir stuff up compared to the majority that lives there daily lives, you have to remember the average white didn't gain much with the ending of slavery, all it really meant is he now had compete with black people for jobs which wasn't an enticing idea, a lot of radical ideas are brought about by wealthy middle class people that have the desire and ability to influence the government or other organizations. and that whole second paragraph has nothing to do with what i am am talking about. All i am saying is the the civil war discussions will lead to the topics of a states right to slavery, differing economic systems namely should those economic systems involve slavery, the election of Lincoln and its effect on slavery views in america, and how all that came to a head to cause the south to leave. The radicals only thing that the radicals had that made them noteworthy was they were against slavery, if they didn't have the anti-slavery people to fallback on they would have had little support or recognition for their other ideas.

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Of course, that's what people are assuming. It might be that it was the lawyer of funnyjunk who was sueing and not kim jong himself. It has, in no way, affected the site...
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I remember you not elmospornworld
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