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#2 - xXJkillerXx (04/23/2011) [-]
I enjoyed seeing your comments with your character or whatever everywhere...

Did you draw those yourself?
#3 to #2 - DingoJ (04/23/2011) [-]
yes actually i did, i used to draw when i was little, so im out of practice but ive been trying to get back into it :P thank you for enjoying them, im glad somebody liked them
#4 to #3 - xXJkillerXx (04/23/2011) [-]
Yeah, I love drawing (Even though I can't draw very well) and I love Naruto.

Though it kinda makes me sad when your comments get thumbed down just because people don't really know what you're talking about..

But I hope you keep up the awesome work :D

#5 to #4 - DingoJ (04/23/2011) [-]
thanks man, that means a lot (no homo) Date Bayo forever man, praise jashin, and long live itachi :P (even though hes dead...hell never die to me)
#6 to #5 - xXJkillerXx (04/23/2011) [-]
I actually haven't been up to date with Naruto lately, (Barely watched maybe 1-10 shippuden episodes) so I've been re-watching the whole series over again to get caught up (about 130 something right now)

So I do not know who those people are, sadly, and when you sad Itachi was dead I got the sads :(

But yeah, I'm glad that you know there are a few people who like what you're doing :D
#7 to #6 - DingoJ (04/23/2011) [-]
its really sad that he died its true, i actually almost cried when i saw why he did it...sorry, i wont spoil it for you
#8 to #7 - xXJkillerXx (04/23/2011) [-]
I must go watch Naruto now...

#9 to #8 - DingoJ (04/23/2011) [-]
good luck bro
#10 to #9 - xXJkillerXx (04/23/2011) [-]
Lol, thanks, and awesome mini-comic xD
#11 to #10 - DingoJ (04/23/2011) [-]
ill get better i promise
#12 to #11 - xXJkillerXx (04/23/2011) [-]
No need to get better, you're already about 10x better then me, lol..

(Btw I just finished episode 142 where Sakura asks to be Tsunade's apprentice)

Pretty interesting how the three main characters are each being taught by a sannin...
#13 to #12 - DingoJ (04/23/2011) [-]
thought that too...jiraya dies...
#14 to #13 - xXJkillerXx (04/23/2011) [-]
YOU ************



#15 to #14 - DingoJ (04/23/2011) [-]
sadly...i dont...its the saddest thing ever,