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#77 - know the feel, stay close to the people that are good to you a… 01/14/2015 on In Memory of a Glorious... +2
#100 - wrong number one? didnt get it  [+] (2 new replies) 01/10/2015 on Sad Six Words Stories 0
User avatar #123 - localbees (01/10/2015) [-]
You call an ex, and they tell you to fuck off, basically.
#102 - illogicalvulcan (01/10/2015) [-]
Its a familiar voice saying "Wrong number" insinuating that the familiar voice is not a wrong number but someone who wants nothing to do with the caller.
#87 - sauce? 01/05/2015 on Taylor Swift 0
#71 - lol, maradona in a no drugs shirt  [+] (1 new reply) 12/31/2014 on In that moment of time V 0
User avatar #72 - thebobinito (12/31/2014) [-]
Lol a skinny Maradona.
#24 - Picture 12/28/2014 on Me in Civ V +3
#4 - will someone explain the ship sails itself thing?  [+] (1 new reply) 12/19/2014 on Blessed be this post 0
User avatar #5 - arikel (12/19/2014) [-]
ship = construction made to stay afloat water
ship = a fantasy couple of a show or game or similar (eg. shipping Korra with Asami)
the ship in the gif is a ship from peter pan that sails on it's own after tinkerbell makes it magic

hence, it is posted on Korra x Asami pictures since the ship sails itself, we don't have to imagine them as a couple, since the directors make it on their own
#152 - yes, i can see by the contiued subordination of india to the b… 12/04/2014 on Feminists are smrt +7
#63 - and i have genetics from my grandpa and my dad to get it! fml 11/28/2014 on Mandibular tumor 0
#2164 - im sad cause my dad died past monday pic is me a coup…  [+] (1 new reply) 11/28/2014 on thanksgiving selfie / feels... +4
User avatar #2294 - undeadmaus (11/28/2014) [-]
At least you got to spend quality time together.
#35 - in what sense did australia loose?  [+] (4 new replies) 11/20/2014 on Oh +3
User avatar #38 - SuperBobbis (11/20/2014) [-]
We were forced to retreat. But if you've ever seen one, you'd understand.

2 metres tall, legs powerful enough to rip metal wire fences. Not push or dent. But RIP it.
User avatar #52 - ayumu (11/20/2014) [-]
i think if they ran out of ammo they would of had several thousand very angry emus charging toward them
running was good idea
User avatar #53 - SuperBobbis (11/20/2014) [-]
The Emu's would be able to kill any soldier who wasn't in their vehicle with ease. No doubt about it.

They really only have one weakness, they are scared of fire. But even then they've been seen jumping fire to escape.
User avatar #54 - ayumu (11/20/2014) [-]
The only thing more embarrassing than losing the emu war, would have been having losing the emu war... with causalities.

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#5 - datgrass (06/25/2014) [-]
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User avatar #2 - akkere (09/01/2012) [-]
I'll explain them to you in a way that's not going to catch a ******** of butthurt from the Conservatives in that board.
This is coming from the view of an independent, mind you.

First off, the two parties tend to flip flop, you might know that already, but the Republicans have done it a LOT over history, and that's why a Republican president from 50 years ago would seem so much different than one today; because they've pretty much sold themselves out to corporations the moment they became rich themselves (which is ironic being that the Republican President Eisenhower taxed the crap out of the rich at a whopping 90%, as opposed to the Republicans now that flips hit over anything higher than 25%)

The Republicans are now a party of instigation and manipulation of ideals.
This is a perfect example.
In this thread you will find that Republicans/Conservatives target Liberals/Democrats. A lot. Most of the time, they hardly know of what they're talking about because thanks to the Two-Party System, an issue will get overtly simplified to a simple sound byte.
Perfect Example: The ID Required Voting post. According to that post, their ID Required isn't racist as opposed to the Affirmitive Action (which, is also racist and counter-intuitive to defeating racism), the problem is, the politicians that added the ID Required Voting even admitted themselves that it was implemented so Blacks couldn't vote (due to a large percentage of African population not having a driver's license) and therefore have a bigger chance of winning the election.

Any Questions?
User avatar #3 to #2 - DiAnonLord (09/01/2012) [-]
yes, what do the currently stand for, what's their political programe?
User avatar #4 to #3 - akkere (09/01/2012) [-]
Their platform is:
Banning gay Marriage and Civil Unions
Transformation of Medicare into a Voucher System
Privatization of Social Security
Eliminating Financial Regulations (Basically limit a corporation to how badly it can screw with the nation to get maximum profit)
Opposing Tax Raises for the Wealthy under the logic of "Just because I make more money, I have to pay more?", while demanding the Wealthy get more tax cuts.
The Implementation of a Voter ID system (when Voter Fraud is completely microscopic in scale)
And the Unconditional Ban of Abortion as well as opposition towards Birth Control.
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