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#51 - techketzer
(12/11/2011) [-]
You're not alone, man, you never are.
Don't leave someone out in the rain when you see him struggling.
Sometimes, we all just need to be shown a little kindness.

Have a good one, and don't be afraid to shoot me a message if you need someone to talk to.
Or if you're just bored, that's okay, too. lol.

(pic unrelated, but I kinda hope you catch the reference.)
User avatar #52 to #53 - DemBonez
(12/13/2011) [-]
Thank you man.

It's still.... there. But with vigorous applications of Led Zeppelin to the aural cavities, I'm making it

And I'm sorry, i don't get the reference. It reminds me of Fist of the North Star though. Whateeseet?