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#7 - tried anal once. was meh. doesnt help that my dick curves in t…  [+] (30 new replies) 03/10/2016 on charming +33
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#25 - Silver Quantum (03/10/2016) [-]
switch positions. i hate doggy style anal because my gf's anal cavity doesn't really match my dick's curvature. missionary though is a blast.
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#26 - Deavas (03/10/2016) [-]
See below
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#15 - gittons (03/10/2016) [-]
it is defo not for everyone.
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#9 - aliennova (03/10/2016) [-]
I also tried anal once, didn't help when he didn't lube up
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#47 - izdubar (03/10/2016) [-]
How can you even attempt without lube?
#16 - anon (03/10/2016) [-]
No lube, your screwed.
#18 - anon (03/10/2016) [-]
Pretty sure they're getting screwed either way, sir.
#8 - zombieplayground (03/10/2016) [-]
Mine does too, Did you try flipping her a different direction? Like missionary anal?
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#10 - Deavas (03/10/2016) [-]
thats what i did. sucked
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#27 - Silver Quantum (03/10/2016) [-]
anal is supposed to feel much better than vaginal since it puts more pressure on your dick assuming there are no brown surprises in there. that's an instant boner killer . she either has the euro tunnel for an asshole or you have the small dick syndrome.
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#28 - Deavas (03/10/2016) [-]
She had Eurotunnel but it was also not much different than her vag. I was her 50th, I found out
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#46 - izdubar (03/10/2016) [-]
This sexual encounter just keeps sounding better and better. Just out of curiosity, did she have herpes? Or a five year old son?
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#50 - Deavas (03/10/2016) [-]
Two kids and I might have gotten syphilis
#67 - lukashein (03/10/2016) [-]
**lukashein used "*roll picture*"**
**lukashein rolled image** This ride i getting even more wild
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#65 - hairydawg (03/10/2016) [-]
Wow man, no fear.
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#29 - Silver Quantum (03/10/2016) [-]
sounds like you had enough room to park your car in there
#11 - zombieplayground (03/10/2016) [-]
Okay, then flip her around and do doggy, Shit bitch your penis doesn't change shape just to mess with you, this is a square peg into square hole problem. Line it up
User avatar
#12 - Deavas (03/10/2016) [-]
oh wait shit i misread. we did doggy and that was meh. couldnt do missionary because she was close to 400lbs lol
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#45 - izdubar (03/10/2016) [-]
Too bad she didn't have multiple personality disorder, that would be pretty much a foursome.
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#17 - timmywankenobi (03/10/2016) [-]
niggah have you been having sex with manatees ?
User avatar
#22 - Deavas (03/10/2016) [-]
tinder is a magical place
#13 - zombieplayground (03/10/2016) [-]
I uhhh, don't think it was the shape of your penis that made that bad sex.
User avatar
#14 - Deavas (03/10/2016) [-]
no, i said the anal sucked, and yes it was. regular was ine
#19 - theydontlikeu (03/10/2016) [-]
whats your body type? just for that sweet mental image.
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#21 - Deavas (03/10/2016) [-]
5'6 120lb skinnyfuck
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#69 - phanact (03/10/2016) [-]
Holy fuck I'm sorry for you
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#71 - Deavas (03/10/2016) [-]
Why tho
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#72 - phanact (03/10/2016) [-]
You're skinny but you're stuck fucking fat chicks
User avatar
#73 - Deavas (03/10/2016) [-]
Stuck nothing. I got catfished big time but it was okay because I like bigger booty, albeit her booty was about 2x bigger than if normally go for. Haven't fucked her since may, she keeps trying to contact me but I ignore her. Had a gf recently that was complete polar opposite, very tiny with no butt, but that ended in November. Tfw
#23 - theydontlikeu (03/10/2016) [-]
you brave little soldier.
#30 - until they find a gun tied to a balloon in someones bushes a f… 03/10/2016 on /k/ill yourself 0
#49 - "THE TRUMP HAS BEEN STUMPED!" they cried, after the …  [+] (38 new replies) 03/10/2016 on un-stumpable -1
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#109 - pooniemac (03/10/2016) [-]
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#60 - donatelo (03/10/2016) [-]
How you gunna say "gg libs" when Trump is barely battling only other right wingers?
User avatar
#61 - Deavas (03/10/2016) [-]
when youre the most unstable candidate and beat out 7 other candidates and are only up against 3 more, the closest trailing by almost 100 delegates, yeah, hes doing pretty damn well
User avatar
#63 - donatelo (03/10/2016) [-]
100 delegates is way closer than you think...im actually surprised people think its over based off of delegates so far.

But like i said, i dont see how its "gg libs" when he is playing against conservatives at the moment.
User avatar
#65 - Deavas (03/10/2016) [-]
i never said its over, i fuckin know 100 is close. but considering that margin went from -1 to 100 and has only gotten bigger means he is cosistently winning
and because if its him vs hillary, hes gonna win
User avatar
#68 - donatelo (03/10/2016) [-]
I dont see how the margin is decreasing, it is either stable or shrinking to be honest. Also do not count out late surges, a win in ohio by anyone other than trump would "stump" him. its still up in the air with an edge to T. I also dont see how he can beat hillary tbh.
User avatar
#70 - Deavas (03/10/2016) [-]
the margin is increasing do not not even read
every single primary, trump gains a bigger lead over cruz. thats not even speculation, thats fact
and hell beat hillary because nobody wants her
User avatar
#71 - donatelo (03/10/2016) [-]
I can read obviously, but i meant as in statistical proof...i was looking for a delegate line graph by month but couldnt find any graph showing over time (since first caucus). Im not saying it cant be true, i just wanted more information. Again, if its fact i want to see the data...I found month by month delegate wins however it was not in an observable long. graph, i was about to make one but its a time waster.

Alot of people want hillary, she is destroying Sanders atm.
User avatar
#72 - Deavas (03/10/2016) [-]
yeh, destroying democrats
"shes only up agaisnt dems so far" as you would put it
User avatar
#74 - donatelo (03/10/2016) [-]
Do you lack reading comprehension lol?
you said "nobody wants her", therefore this was appropriate because its showing within group preference.
Whereas your comment was showing cross group whereas it was within group competition.

Ill let this slide and say you made a simple mistake.
User avatar
#75 - Deavas (03/10/2016) [-]
youre an idiot. never mind, dumbass
User avatar
#76 - donatelo (03/10/2016) [-]
You get proven wrong then proceed to call me dumb...lel.
User avatar
#78 - Deavas (03/10/2016) [-]
i didnt get proven wrong though
User avatar
#79 - donatelo (03/10/2016) [-]
explain, then i will explain how you just did.
User avatar
#82 - Deavas (03/10/2016) [-]
this is only against trump btw. against any other rep, hillary wins
User avatar
#81 - Deavas (03/10/2016) [-]
because nobody wants clinton. only businesses and retarded blacks
so, people who normally vote dem might vote rep, but the opposite would never happen
User avatar
#83 - donatelo (03/10/2016) [-]
You realize this is a personal assumption/opinion and not fact? To prove this you would need to analyze vote demographics. Likewise, how do you know that a dem would vote rep for this case and not the opposite?

These are all baseless assumptions bro, none of this is fact.
User avatar
#84 - Deavas (03/10/2016) [-]
becaise i know literally tons of people who are huge bernie fans and refuse to vote for hillary, never mind all the level headed dems who hate her
this is all fact, because we know how hillary is. those are demographics right there
User avatar
#85 - donatelo (03/10/2016) [-]
Ok now you are trolling. You cant really believe that personal observations can be used as demographics you can make inferences off of can you?

If you are trolling, you got me. If you are not, holly shit you are retarded.
User avatar
#86 - Deavas (03/10/2016) [-]
trump is somehow the lesser of two shitbirds. its not rocket surgery. i its him vs her, he wins. youll see
User avatar
#126 - Ruspanic (03/10/2016) [-]
I think your logic is backwards here. Sanders is usually considered to be better than Clinton (at least as a person, if not as a candidate). His net favorability among all Americans is higher than Clinton's by a good measure, and the very fact that he's there as a contrast to her should drive her favorability numbers down.
Clinton already gets a ton of shit from Sanders supporters, Republicans, and to some extent the media, while Sanders is largely ignored by Republicans, and Clinton's attacks on him fall flat.

But without Sanders, the alternative to Clinton will be Trump, who polls suggest is viewed as the greater of the two evils by a good measure. Sanders supporters will vote for Clinton to keep Trump out of office.

And yes, some Trump opponents will vote for him to keep Hillary out, but I think that number is smaller. There will probably be more Republicans refusing to vote for Trump than Democrats refusing to vote for Clinton.
User avatar
#124 - Ruspanic (03/10/2016) [-]
Aren't you undermining your own point, then? You're now saying that if Sanders drops out, Clinton's favorability ratings will improve. Right?
User avatar
#125 - Deavas (03/10/2016) [-]
no. her numbers are higher because when hes gone, people are now more focused on how negative she actually is. theres a monopoly on the dem party when this happens, and people do not like when they have no choice. same would happen if trump were the only rep candidate. people hate him so much theyd vote for clinton or whoever just so it wouldnt be him
User avatar
#122 - Ruspanic (03/10/2016) [-]
That's not how the poll works. The poll says "do you have a favorable or unfavorable view of Hillary Clinton"?
"Do you have a favorable or unfavorable view of Bernie Sanders?"

One shouldn't impact the other. You can answer "favorable" for both of them, if you want.
User avatar
#123 - Deavas (03/10/2016) [-]
yes, and when there are 3 people, the numbers skew. when you have 11 candidates to choose from, trump looks like a shitty choice. when youre down to 4 and on of them is a religionfag and the other two have no chance, suddenly trump starts to looks pretty good. same with clinton. when its her vs bernie, bernie supporters hate her because shes corrupt, and also shes not bernie. but once bernie is gone, opinions shift once again
User avatar
#120 - Ruspanic (03/10/2016) [-]
Why would Bernie being in the race make Hillary's favorability better than it would otherwise be? That doesn't make sense.

If Sanders drops out, most of his voters will vote for Clinton over any Republican.
User avatar
#118 - Ruspanic (03/10/2016) [-]
Well if you didn't even read what I said, I don't see how why you're bothering to reply to my comment.

The tl;dr version is that poll numbers show Trump is way more unpopular than Clinton.
User avatar
#121 - Deavas (03/10/2016) [-]
because youd never get accurate clinton numbers when the poll is split
User avatar
#119 - Deavas (03/10/2016) [-]
thats because bernie is a factor
User avatar
#115 - Ruspanic (03/10/2016) [-]
I think you're really underestimating just how much people hate Trump.
When it comes down to it, Sanders supporters might talk shit about Clinton, but most of them are still mostly going to vote for her against any Republican, and particularly against Trump. The same cannot be said about Trump's Republican detractors.

Thing is, while Trump has some incredibly devoted supporters, overall he has the lowest net favorability rating of any candidate, at -25%. By far the lowest favorability with both Independents and Democrats, and lower among Republicans than even Jeb Bush, before he dropped out. For reference, Clinton is around -12%.
And unlike Clinton, Trump does not have the support of his own party establishment, which is torn between either supporting Cruz (whom the establishment also used to hate), or keeping all three other candidates in the race as long as possible to deny Trump the minimum required number of delegates and force a contested convention.

Trump still stands a good chance of beating Clinton if he gets the Republican nomination, but it's not inevitable.

User avatar
#117 - Deavas (03/10/2016) [-]
im not going to read all that but i dont think you realize how much people hate clinton, especially once bernie is gone
User avatar
#94 - donatelo (03/10/2016) [-]
Misuse of the word makes you look retarded when the word looks like you used it to make it look like you know what you were talking about. You havent proved shit bro, you are simply retarded. There is no use arguing with you though since the dumbest people are the most stubborn. Goodnight tard.
User avatar
#95 - Deavas (03/10/2016) [-]
thats not very photosynthesis of you
User avatar
#90 - donatelo (03/10/2016) [-]
"suggested by demographics" damn nigga you cant even use the word demographic properly how do i know you even understood a damn thing i said lol. Ignorance is bliss i suppose.
User avatar
#92 - Deavas (03/10/2016) [-]
oh nooo i used the wrong woooord howeeeever will i go on
User avatar
#88 - donatelo (03/10/2016) [-]
To end a discussion with that*
User avatar
#87 - donatelo (03/10/2016) [-]
"youll see"

You have a 50/50 (if he wins primaries as well as she) chance to be right or wrong, a person can say the same thing about their favored team to win the superbowl, to end a discussion defeats the purpose of discussion. Im not betting on who will win or even claim to know who will win, im simply attempting to discuss ideas...

my advice to you would be to not attempt to engage in a political discussion if you are serious bro lol.
User avatar
#89 - Deavas (03/10/2016) [-]
its basically already been suggested by several demographics. youre a dumbass. pls dont breed
#974 - profile says male. lips say dick suckah  [+] (1 new reply) 03/10/2016 on FJ roast session. 0
#1392 - playerpants (03/11/2016) [-]
Maybe I identify as stapler
#965 - well i know that i cant tell if youre a boy or a girl  [+] (6 new replies) 03/10/2016 on FJ roast session. +1
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#1390 - playerpants (03/11/2016) [-]
you and everyone else on here
#1141 - beetusman (03/10/2016) [-]
#1018 - skatin (03/10/2016) [-]
I can't either. I NEED TO KNOW
#972 - banhammerfortyk (03/10/2016) [-]
damm your right i cant tell either facial structure says tranny but it looks like a girl that looks like a dude im so confused
User avatar
#974 - Deavas (03/10/2016) [-]
profile says male. lips say dick suckah
#1392 - playerpants (03/11/2016) [-]
Maybe I identify as stapler
#962 - **Deavas used "*roll picture*"** **Deavas rolled image ** …  [+] (1 new reply) 03/10/2016 on FJ roast session. 0
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#1020 - darthgoat (03/10/2016) [-]
The roll gods beat me to it
#58 - *doucheknozzel 03/10/2016 on Fuck nozzle 0
#133 - lol but dont you know? every sanders supporter worships the gr… 03/10/2016 on #JustHillaryThings -2
#64 - no **** you, shrft/ctrl+right arrow is the way to go p… 03/10/2016 on FUCK SHIFT UP ARROW 0
#1250480 - Pretty sure ********** was already a concept before gen4 03/10/2016 on Pony Thread 15. +1