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User avatar #208 - Marker ONLINE (10/03/2011) [-]
What was this "10 most amazing google earth finds" and why the **** was it flagged as illegal
User avatar #209 to #254 - Deavas (10/03/2011) [-]
i dont know why the hell it was flagged. 7 thumbs from my highest rated comment with 6 hours still to go... but it was basically 10 cool or weird sights captured by Google Earth satellite. i posted a comment pic of the Shoop da Woop island i found
User avatar #210 to #255 - Marker ONLINE (10/03/2011) [-]
Yeah, I noticed that, then, when I redirected it to the original pic, it said it was flagged as illegal. Any idea who's post it was?
User avatar #211 to #256 - Deavas (10/03/2011) [-]
no idea. and idk why anyone would flag it.. its ******* google! its in every movie and the dictionary!
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