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#50 - He's ******, there's nothing i can do  [+] (3 replies) 03/30/2010 on Burning my sisters twilight +1
#53 - WeasleySnipes (03/30/2010) [-]
O shiii
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#83 - GeneralLazors (03/30/2010) [-]
oh dear lawd the anon is doomed...DOOMED I TELL YE!
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#541 - bbboy (03/30/2010) [-]
cuck norris is chuck norrises mom
#49 - seriously, read the story then realise how stupid you just mad…  [+] (9 replies) 03/30/2010 on Burning my sisters twilight 0
#65 - franzaboi (03/30/2010) [-]
you mean like you?
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#52 - Rhinosaur (03/30/2010) [-]
I read the story and still don't realize why Jizabel is stupid..
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#51 - JizabelDisraeli (03/30/2010) [-]
If you want to belive that a kung fu fight took place in this kids kitchen go ahead.
We'll all see how stupid YOU look
#55 - lawrenceguitars (03/30/2010) [-]
Mate her punching me and me kicking her is hardly a kung fu fight, if you have siblings who you fight with it regularly happens
#154 - shikoti (03/30/2010) [-]
but th way i see it , you deserve it...you took something of hers...something she likes and burned it..... forget the fact it is twilight...but basic something she likes being burned....that sucks. yes siblibings fight but to hit a girl, come on man
#159 - lawrenceguitars (03/30/2010) [-]
i did it because she cheated on my friend, so she punches me in the throat, do i just lay there and take it? She can hold her own.
#166 - shikoti (03/30/2010) [-]
girls are crazy and manipulative, i would stop now while you are ahead, its not that you burned twilight...but her twilight...i replied to one of your post for an alternative for an act that would be just as dasterdly minus forcing her to buy a new 1
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#57 - JizabelDisraeli (03/30/2010) [-]
lol I didn't mean literally.
#58 - lawrenceguitars (03/30/2010) [-]
fair, i think what christian bale meant was that i was too busy stopping her from turning it of to get the camera rolling. My brother wouldn't of been able to hold her by himself, whenever they fight she takes him apart lol
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