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#26 - A Mouse (10/21/2009) [-]
Are you an Albino?
I think Albino people are pretty.
Are you an Albino?
#32 to #26 - Tinky Winky (10/29/2009) [-]
teh tocko'z, deh hayte yoo
#30 to #26 - dodgefate (10/22/2009) [-]
do you use that big ass ring in your nose to help hold your boyfrirnds cocks while you suck it off? I'd think so..... That or u got it because you are a frreking attention whore, that no one likes and when you fould out that in real life it did not get you any more attintion so you turned to the internet to annoy people. I guess negative attention is better then no attention at all.
#29 to #26 - anon (10/22/2009) [-]
I'm sure we can do worse than that. Brookey is one of the sweetest people on this site. She doesn't need your harassment. Go troll under a different bridge.
#28 to #26 - JackSchidt (10/21/2009) [-]
mouse--you are a sick *********** rude as hell--you leave my friend alone.
your days are numbered on this site---for the new policy is--if you dont have positively rated content, you can't post to the main page. My friends and I shall make sure you are in the negative so you can't post.
#27 to #26 - Brookey (10/21/2009) [-]
What? You think I am a albino! Look its caled a FLASH on my CAMRA. Its my Halloween pic from last year.