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Ok... Well my name is Brooke if you hadn't known that already. My last name isn't Ammons it's just the teacher I like at school. Yes she is a girl which, yes makes me a lesbian. Well... not lesbian... bi but leaning toward woman. I am a HUGE liberal. I love Obama and I don't see why republicans have to go into denial mode. Just accept it. I really don't know what else to say... PM me if you want to ask me anything. ♥

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#1 - Why men lose in this situation: The only sex they're ge…  [+] (2 replies) 11/20/2009 on Why A Gun Is Better Than A... +1
#2 - loke (11/21/2009) [-]
LOL! Yea but remember. The guy that wrote this list is trying to justify why he has over 100 guns in the house, yet still single.
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#3 - thebritishguy (07/30/2011) [-]
didnt you write this
#1 - That's hilarious! 11/20/2009 on Big Macs +5
#2 - Hahaha! 06/24/2009 on EDWARD FAIL 0
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