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#583 - PedobearOnTV (07/26/2011) [-]
#584 to #604 - Brams (07/26/2011) [-]
Hello long time its been
#585 to #605 - PedobearOnTV (07/26/2011) [-]
Indeed, sir! A long time. You planning on making content any time soon?
#586 to #606 - Brams (07/26/2011) [-]
Not really :D just watching the funny junks, when it is my time, I SHALL RISE!
#587 to #607 - PedobearOnTV (07/26/2011) [-]
Join me and we can rule the galaxy as father and son! I mean it doesn't have to be as father and son, it can be just as, you know, as two really close guys who just happen to be men, you know, just, two good-looking guys sharing a cramped office running the galaxy together, you know, just getting the job done, you know maybe we, maybe we do it occasionally but it's not weird, you know, 'cause we're just, two guys with raging goals you know? I mean it's not even about the doing it part, but that's a part of it, but it's not-it's not the whole thing.