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    OC OC
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    just the one just the one
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    foolproof foolproof
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    good point good point
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    Uploaded: 07/02/12
    really netflix? really netflix?
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    firefox firefox
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    fucking squirrels fucking squirrels
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#61 - (it's because you're using chrome) 11/21/2014 on Explain this 0
#27 - i...uhh just always figured you go with what you're best at … 11/18/2014 on big people problems 0
#9 - the saddest part is that even i know how easy it is to fake th… 11/18/2014 on In the end -2
#8 - ahh yes we were doin so well too until that immortal guy showe…  [+] (2 new replies) 11/14/2014 on Holdin Steady Since '92 0
User avatar #11 - TheHutchie (11/14/2014) [-]
You should be president. You'd make Bush look more typical.
#12 - Womens Study Major (11/15/2014) [-]
#25 - mhm but drug trafficking is totally fine right? i ain… 11/11/2014 on Worth the read. +4
#48 - Picture 11/11/2014 on not too stupid for Obama... 0
#45 - oh yeah we're definitely on the same page because yea…  [+] (2 new replies) 11/11/2014 on not too stupid for Obama... 0
User avatar #46 - captainprincess (11/11/2014) [-]
Well that's the trick with being a ruler isn't it
Good for your people ultimately means good for you too

the "tyrant" ruylers are more just impatient than shitty, not willing to wait for the benefit to their people result in benefit to them
#48 - AnonymousDonor (11/11/2014) [-]
#15 - yup hell the worst i got was a DUI and i was just barely …  [+] (9 new replies) 11/11/2014 on Worth the read. +25
User avatar #312 - AnomynousUser (11/11/2014) [-]
Then don't put other people's lives in danger by driving under the influence.
#179 - Womens Study Major (11/11/2014) [-]
sounds like you got off cuz you had the money to buy your freedom. i dont mean filthy rich but the opportunity to afford a competent lawyer and the opportunity to attend college
User avatar #55 - hydraetis (11/11/2014) [-]
Sorry dude but having a DUI kinda makes you a selfish piece of shit. That says you're willing to to take the risk of killing an entire family (worst case scenario), just because you wanted to have a good time.

Inb4 "it was a dumb mistake", you're god damn right it was a dumb mistake, one that you should have been fully fucking aware of ahead of time.
#20 - Womens Study Major (11/11/2014) [-]
No one feels for you, DUI is not the type of crime that gets sympathy, you could have killed innocent people who aren't human scum like you.
#33 - moosepaw (11/11/2014) [-]
I think it's dumb to judge if someone has a DUI. It's smart to judge people on whether they are capable of operating a vehicle above a certain threshold. The problem is we don't have a way to measure 'capable', so we do the best we can with quantitative reasoning even though it is not sufficient.
User avatar #50 - KazumaKyu (11/11/2014) [-]
This might sound crazy, but maybe it would be better if we just said something along the lines of 'drunk people are stupid and make stupid decisions, so no you can't fucking drive once your BAC reaches a certain point. Look this isn't hard, we're not talking about some starving kid stealing so he can survive or some shit, this is a person who has made two distinct decisions that are stupid when put together. If he wants to drink, fine, but he doesn't get to drive after he's reached a certain point. If the guy doesn't have another ride available and absolutely MUST drive himself... he can just not drink. I will never understand people who have any argument against laws prohibiting driving under the influence. "B-but what you're saying means he'd have to make a conscious decision to put his life and the lives of others before his clearly demanding and all-encompassing need to drink alcohol, a thing that he does not need in any way and can live quite well without!"

If you cannot muster the impulse control to refrain from drinking alcohol when you know you might well be getting behind the wheel of a vehicle sometime after, you should not be allowed to drive anywhere ever, sober or otherwise. Oh no, you'll have to refrain from drinking this time, what an absolute travesty.

I do apologize if this sounds pissy, but this topic just runs me straight up a goddamn wall. It's also worth noting that laws are not about allowing for personal capability. Laws are in place to set general guidelines to keep the average joe from doing something horrible or stupid that might unduly inconvenience or harm anyone else. Do you have any idea how potentially difficult it would be to design a set of standards that could be accurately assigned to each individual based on their capability? Utterly unfeasible, and frankly I don't know that I would honestly trust that shit anyway.

tl;dr Did you drink? Don't fuckin drive then, ya knobhead. Literally nothing could be simpler.
#53 - moosepaw (11/11/2014) [-]
You literally sound like every other moron that has an opinion on the topic. You blow up at a statement like mine because you can't understand it.

There are people who feel drunk below the BAC limit, there are people who are fine after the BAC limit. Any logically thinking person would agree the system isn't perfect.

Alcohol along with sleep deprivation, any sort of other drug, or just a impaired mental state are all suscpetable to bringing you below a limit capable of driving safely (threshold). We don't have number for that. We do the best we can. Please tell me you're getting this.
User avatar #62 - KazumaKyu (11/11/2014) [-]
I understand fully well that the system is not perfect, no system ever really is. As you say, however, we do the best we can. Honestly if you can come up with a better metric than the BAC, do feel free to share it. As you have not done so, I'll have to assume we're speaking in general terms.

It's true, some people can handle alcohol better than others. Okay, so how do you quantify levels of drunkenness? At what point beyond the BAC line does this guy suddenly become drunk, and thus unable to safely operate a vehicle? Where is the magical line that must be drawn? Metrics such as the BAC are necessary for this reason, and I certainly can't think of a way to categorize how drunk someone is. Sometimes I'll go out with the guys and after an ale or two I'll feel a bit tipsy. Is tipsy drunk? Or is that one of the stages that comes before it? At what point do I become 'sloshed' or 'smashed'? Do we start relying on the individuals themselves to know when they're 'too drunk'? Me after I've had a few glasses is a very different person from me as I'm here typing this, and given some of the stupid shit I've done while drunk I would't trust post-drinks me to walk to the bathroom safely--never mind get behind the wheel of my truck!

The very moment someone can come up with hard numbers that allow us to quantify the state of 'being drunk' I will be behind them all the way. Until then we have a fairly simple system that isn't perfect but does its job relatively well. 0.08 is the magic number until something better comes along.
#25 - AnonymousDonor (11/11/2014) [-]
mhm but drug trafficking is totally fine right?

i aint sayin crimes don't deserve punishment or even that the punishment is misproportional to the crime -- in today's highly populated world where every "good" criminal can be replaced by at least one other person without an official criminal record, every employer is going to choose the latter every time

and i'd be happy to give up my spot to any person who didn't make the same mistakes

but given the amount of people making all the same mistakes and simply never getting caught, or the people making even less-deadly mistakes and getting persecuted for them......success always comes down to an enormous degree of luck
#41 - well - and i could be completely and forever wrong here, but -…  [+] (5 new replies) 11/11/2014 on not too stupid for Obama... 0
#44 - captainprincess (11/11/2014) [-]
Aside from that I don't think truly benevolent dictators have ever existed and that every truly powerful leader has, at best, done things that were beneficial for his people
in order to root themselves in power, rather than the goal being doing good...

yea aside from that
we're on the same page I reckon
User avatar #137 - sodapops (11/11/2014) [-]
Throughout history there have been many truly benevolent dictators, mostly in small and rich countries. The real issue is that there is no guarantee that they will have a benevolent heir to take over. Spoiled little shit seems to be the most common description of their heirs.
#45 - AnonymousDonor (11/11/2014) [-]
oh yeah we're definitely on the same page

because yeah like i said i'm really not sure whether or not I actually have heard of a 'benevolent ruler' -- i think i have, but i'm pretty sure my memory is mixing benevolence with someone who was actually a piece of shit that nonetheless benefited the crap out of their nation
User avatar #46 - captainprincess (11/11/2014) [-]
Well that's the trick with being a ruler isn't it
Good for your people ultimately means good for you too

the "tyrant" ruylers are more just impatient than shitty, not willing to wait for the benefit to their people result in benefit to them
#48 - AnonymousDonor (11/11/2014) [-]
#23 - Picture 11/09/2014 on Oh boy oh boy +1

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