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#120 - devildudetwo **User deleted account**
has deleted their comment [-]
#108 - JaconBacon (11/21/2011) [-]
Dude, your **** pic made me do terrible things... Totally amazing. Keep on posting buddy ;)
#109 to #120 - AnimeExpert (11/21/2011) [-]
Thanks, and I usually do when bored
#110 to #121 - anon (11/21/2011) [-]
Then all the more thumbs coming your way. Om nom nom nom.
#106 - icktomi (11/18/2011) [-]
i haz a question for you!!! mkay? OKAY!
Clannad, Kampfer, Kanokon, and rosario+vampire! likes,dislikes, and fav characters, please!!

also can you post the uncensored version of your profile pic please? *me gusta*
#111 to #118 - AnimeExpert (11/21/2011) [-]
hey... i will admit that i have been slacking in my anime watching and of the ones you listed i only know rosario+vampire, and i never finished that series (the censorship was just too damn annoying.) but when it comes to that show i do love... oh what was her name, the ice witch chick....
and as for the uncensored version of my profile pic... 'Ive seen it but don't have it save... give me a bit to look for it.
#115 to #123 - icktomi (11/25/2011) [-]
well i highly advise clannad and Kampfer
kanokon is okay but the main character is...super annoying
anyways for your profile pic, it would possibly be easy to get if you google imaged it (drag and drop on the google image search bar)
#102 - overworld (09/25/2011) [-]
**overworld rolled a random image** If you're an anime expert, what anime is Death the Kid from?
#103 to #114 - AnimeExpert (09/25/2011) [-]
Soaleater, he shoots his guns with his picky, one turns into a hotly, the other into a young girl/ sisters
#104 to #115 - overworld (09/26/2011) [-]
Next Question: Yumeji, a guy with a special power. He can see what poeple are going to dream.
#113 to #116 - AnimeExpert (11/21/2011) [-]
damn, you may have found one i haven't seen, or at-least sure don't remember.
#114 to #125 - overworld (11/21/2011) [-]
Answer: Dream Eater Merry
#101 - devildudetwo **User deleted account**
has deleted their comment [-]
#98 - samturnip (05/14/2011) [-]
dude dont make ******** up saying you re-write the comp yourself, don't be a dick just give deds to the website http://izismile.com/2011/05/12/those_good_old_days_40_pics.html
#99 to #110 - AnimeExpert (05/15/2011) [-]
lets start with the fact i never said i re-wrote anything, i simply took the work i found on facebook (thats where i found it all) and RE"WORKED" it by putting it into picture format so i could then post it here.. before i even got my first thumb i said that i had not made it and that i found the info else where.

and second, **** you.
#93 - bobJML (04/18/2011) [-]
How are you doing?
How are you doing?
#94 to #102 - AnimeExpert (04/19/2011) [-]
doing quite well, how about yourself
#96 to #103 - bobJML (04/19/2011) [-]
Doing quite well.
#92 - gagelovesyou (04/18/2011) [-]
#95 to #101 - AnimeExpert (04/19/2011) [-]
#91 - whomadewho (03/04/2011) [-]
#87 - njhahahahaha (12/25/2010) [-]
lol at your profile pic. That was a great VG Cats. I don't think he's gonna make a Christmas comic this year :(