(untitled). .. The guy who draws these comics is jokexplain's archenemy.
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User avatar #13 - theblackhorntail (08/06/2014) [-]
The guy who draws these comics is jokexplain's archenemy.
User avatar #32 to #13 - sockprague (08/07/2014) [-]
For anyone who didn't get it.

Hippie finds deformed animal being tested on, he steals it. He Is shot in the process and takes it home to hippie girlfriend. Where they eat it.
User avatar #42 to #32 - Ajracer (08/07/2014) [-]
that's a summary, not an explanation
User avatar #55 to #42 - sockprague (08/07/2014) [-]
fair enough, but you can gather the rest.
#67 to #55 - anon (08/07/2014) [-]
No, not really. That's kind of the point.
#4 - samxdaxman (08/06/2014) [-]
Alright, normally, these comics have at least some sense to them, however little it may be.

I got nothing for this one.
User avatar #21 to #4 - trivdiego (08/07/2014) [-]
really? this seems to make more sense than others I've seen
Man finds animal in lab, rescues it, gets shot while running away, takes it home to wife, and then he ends up eating it as a 'twist' ending
User avatar #22 to #21 - samxdaxman (08/07/2014) [-]
Yeah, I think this is one of those scenarios where you look hard for a deeper meaning, when the real meaning is right in front of you. I'm so used to looking for a deeper meaning behind these, whereas this one is just straightforward.
#48 to #4 - unholyjebus (08/07/2014) [-]
Wait, this is the only one that has made sense for me. It's supposed to be a statement on the hypocrisy of many meat eaters that they would be against animal testing yet they would kill and eat said animal for their own enjoyment/needs.
User avatar #12 to #4 - besle (08/06/2014) [-]
While what others do may seem cruel, you might not be any better yourself?
User avatar #6 to #4 - SirSheepy ONLINE (08/06/2014) [-]
1. Hippie guy sees that the animal is being experimented on.
2. Hippie guy is sad
3. Hippie guy rescues animal
4. Hippie guy gets shot whilst escaping
5. Hippie guy brings animal to hippie gf
6. In a twist ending, hippie guy eats animal because that's what he wanted all along
User avatar #17 to #6 - alhemicar (08/07/2014) [-]
I wonder how she made french fries from an animal?

I think the last panel symbolizes what most hippies, and animal rights advocates are often hypocritical about - meat comes from animals.
User avatar #10 to #6 - samxdaxman (08/06/2014) [-]
Ohh ok, I didn't put together that he was a hippie. i thought he was wearing a wig.
#57 to #25 - orsh (08/07/2014) [-]
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User avatar #61 to #57 - badmonkey ONLINE (08/07/2014) [-]
Man plays games with shadows and believes that he is in control of the game (in mask and reveal from mask), yet does not realize how his commitment to it ultimately brings him to his own demise. Game of shadows can be interpreted simply as games of entertainment in which the point of the comic would be to serve as a warning for indulgence and obsession, or one's dark deeds and thus a lesson on karma.
At least that's what I got from it,
#62 to #61 - orsh (08/07/2014) [-]
Eerm... Thanks   
 Are you some kind of Captain Obvious, or what?
Eerm... Thanks
Are you some kind of Captain Obvious, or what?
User avatar #64 to #62 - badmonkey ONLINE (08/07/2014) [-]
I gave my two cents on the possible messages of what the image is trying to convey, since judging from your reaction picture you were either shocked, confused, or both. If initiating a discussion wasn't your intention then I'm sorry for misinterpreting, but no need to be a dick.
#65 to #64 - orsh (08/07/2014) [-]
Im sorry if i hurted your feelings   
<--- Have this instead
Im sorry if i hurted your feelings
<--- Have this instead
User avatar #31 to #25 - djequalizee (08/07/2014) [-]
User avatar #1 - theblobble (08/06/2014) [-]
I love these comics. Could you tell me where you got them?
User avatar #8 to #7 - theblobble (08/06/2014) [-]
thats it. Thanks
#9 to #8 - meatboy (08/06/2014) [-]
Welcome mate
#11 to #1 - lildo (08/06/2014) [-]
#16 - chuffberry (08/07/2014) [-]
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#20 - stratosrider (08/07/2014) [-]
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#59 - mrpavelowgrimm (08/07/2014) [-]
Is there meaning behind these or is this guy just on some premium narcotics?
User avatar #37 - Viggiator (08/07/2014) [-]
No,no this actually makes sense.
Because you see these treehugging hippies, screaming about fur and animal testing but many hippies eat meat anyway.
So they're trying to rescue all the animals, until they wanna eat them themselves.
#58 - wetpantslol (08/07/2014) [-]
**wetpantslol rolled image**

Those eyes.

It...it's ok, never wanted to sleep this month anyway.
#46 - caterpi (08/07/2014) [-]
What drugs does the creator take?  Probably all the drugs   Thats alot of drugs
What drugs does the creator take? Probably all the drugs Thats alot of drugs
#43 - lordmoldywart (08/07/2014) [-]
I love these.
#23 - anonasuser (08/07/2014) [-]
strangely made more sense than most of them
User avatar #5 - kevinator (08/06/2014) [-]
Hate these comics, **** even poland balls are funnier.
User avatar #63 - sovietsamurai (08/07/2014) [-]
These always confuse the **** out of me ...
User avatar #35 - crimsonsunshine ONLINE (08/07/2014) [-]
Jokexplain plz halp
User avatar #53 to #35 - jokexplain (08/07/2014) [-]
let me try and understand at least some parts of this comic.
the guy is a stereotypical hippie, judging from his attire. he's against vivisection, which is why he takes the deformed creature away from the lab [s the animal a failed experiment in genetic modification? who knows]
he gets shot at presumably because the shooter was aiming at the animal, which looked weird and possibly dangerous.
he seems happy that the animal was spared, because he loves animals and all.
in the end he eats the animal, which is a twist that contradicts everything leading up to it. did he capture the animal so he could eat it? then why is he happy that the animal wasn't shot?
maybe because hippies find hunting a deplorable hobby, and he's happy that the 'hunter' failed.
in the end, maybe the eating bit serves to criticise the hypocritical attitude of certain hippies, who claim to love animals but they eat meat anyway.

tl;dr I don't have a ******* clue man
User avatar #33 to #30 - arrogant (08/07/2014) [-]
An oldie but a goodie
#36 to #34 - allcontent (08/07/2014) [-]
oh GOD thats ******* weird dude haha
#38 to #30 - somethingpants (08/07/2014) [-]
the only strange one I have. I need to start collecting better.
the only strange one I have. I need to start collecting better.
#50 to #30 - karrikoto (08/07/2014) [-]
bum popsicle
bum popsicle
#52 to #50 - allcontent (08/07/2014) [-]
oh my god thats 			*******		 funny.
oh my god thats ******* funny.
#40 to #30 - mindclaw (08/07/2014) [-]
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#47 to #30 - WhitePimp (08/07/2014) [-]
you asked for this. not me.
you asked for this. not me.
#51 to #47 - allcontent (08/07/2014) [-]
Am I a bad person for laughing?
User avatar #54 to #51 - WhitePimp (08/07/2014) [-]
no because its been 13 years its okay to laugh now
#56 to #54 - allcontent (08/07/2014) [-]
I have a reward for your fun gif.

User avatar #29 - hattheifbatman (08/07/2014) [-]
His hair doesn't match his beard
That's the joke
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