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#24 - caseyleeeee (04/05/2014) [-]
yes shes a dumb slut for lifting her shirt off in the first place.
but that doesn't mean shes giving anyone in that crowd permission to molest her.
this has nothing to do with feminism
there's no reason she should have expected to get gang banged as a consequence for her actions
learn to think for yourselves.
#55 to #24 - soloman (04/06/2014) [-]
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#56 to #55 - soloman (04/06/2014) [-]
**soloman rolled image** Oh **** sorry man. I was going to post a reply, but then I noticed my keyboard was dirty.
User avatar #79 to #24 - nevolmon (04/06/2014) [-]
to be fair, if you could get away with it and nobody would ever find out you did it, would you?
#28 to #24 - boomerpyro (04/05/2014) [-]
well she was flashing herself in front of young, and media in public
User avatar #67 to #24 - usafperson (04/06/2014) [-]
>there's no reason she should have expected to get gang banged as a consequence for her actions

Don't get me wrong, I'm not blaming her. Getting molested is the fault of the people who molested her. But the fact that she made it more tempting for them is her fault. This is comparable to walking around on the wrong side of town waving around hand-fulls of money. You're gonna get robbed. It is the fault of the robber, obviously, but you were sure being stupid and making it more likely that you will be robbed. Instead of waving hand-fulls of money on the wrong side of town, she waved hand-fulls of boobs in the middle of a crowd of horny young guys. That was stupid of her, and she made it more likely that she would be molested, as is demonstrated by the fact that she was molested immediately after doing that.
#5 - jaymesburner (04/05/2014) [-]
**jaymesburner rolled image** This is seriously ****** up. Honestly all the people making it out to be entirely her fault is depressing. Yes she was stupid for lifting her shirt and is partially to blame but god damn that is NOT an invitation to molest her. She clearly doesn't want it and the 'men' (I use that term loosely) doing this to her are ******* despicable. Guys this is a problem that needs to be stopped. The fight against super extreme feminism and ignorance is becoming more extreme than the feminism it was spawned to deter. This is ridiculous. How about instead of laying ALL the blame on only one party, we make the logical step of partitioning blame appropriately amongst all of the parties involved? Is that really so complicated? Is the world so filled with Sith that none can see that blame is not an absolute concept? Yes she is an idiot for putting herself at risk, yes she is a slut for lifting her shirt for the camera and a crowd of men, yes these 'men' are disgusting pigs, yes these 'men' deserve to be punished to the fullest extent of the law in regards to their crimes, yes the world is really ****** up when we reach the point where any of these facts are disputed, especially when they are disputed without the tiniest bit of logical reasoning or argument. You are better than this guys. We are better than this. Also roll is relevant.

Tl;Dr You're a lazy **** scroll back up.
User avatar #14 to #5 - ajrdts (04/05/2014) [-]
Found then feminist
#16 to #14 - anon (04/05/2014) [-]
Nah he/she/it said that she has some blame in it aswell. That doesnt sound like a feminist to me.
User avatar #19 to #16 - ajrdts (04/05/2014) [-]
Fair point
User avatar #17 to #14 - thefunnyside (04/05/2014) [-]
And what's wrong with being a feminist?
User avatar #18 to #17 - ajrdts (04/05/2014) [-]
Found another one
User avatar #20 to #18 - thefunnyside (04/05/2014) [-]
I'd like to repeat my question: What's wrong with being a feminist?
User avatar #26 to #20 - fishinyourface ONLINE (04/05/2014) [-]
feminists aren't the problem, feminazis are. at this point ESPECIALLY on this site people think feminist = feminazi.
User avatar #29 to #26 - thefunnyside (04/05/2014) [-]
Preach it
User avatar #30 to #29 - fishinyourface ONLINE (04/05/2014) [-]
it would be great if maybe even feminists changed their name (the good ones come together), have a spokeswoman and manage to get on the news or something to announce that you're not feminazis. even as far as protesting what the feminazis are fighting for crushing equality, as it were ....but that would be hard to do, because you'd get feminazis crushing it down
User avatar #31 to #30 - thefunnyside (04/05/2014) [-]
If they changed the name, femenazis would just claim to be that
User avatar #32 to #31 - fishinyourface ONLINE (04/05/2014) [-]
that's what I mean. they would crush even the people they think they are, to get to power.
User avatar #43 to #20 - wrinklynewt (04/05/2014) [-]
woman's right activist = good
"feminist" = bad
User avatar #58 to #5 - thebaseballexpert (04/06/2014) [-]
and here every time i say women are partially to blame for being raped when they willingly get overly drunk, dress really provocatively (v-neck shirt cut down to the stomach, and skirts so short half your ass is showing), or walk alone through a well known bad neighborhood, are at least slightly to blame for being raped. Every time I say that, i get thumbed down to oblivion, but here you are getting positives. really it's no different. I agree completely, blame isn't an absolute thing
#47 to #5 - zaywoot (04/05/2014) [-]
**zaywoot rolled image** I have absolutely nothing of interest to say... I just wanna see if I can roll a gun too....

#7 to #5 - oubliette (04/05/2014) [-]
**oubliette rolled image**

na, rule of the jungle: if a chick flashes the pussy you pop dat finger in
User avatar #33 to #7 - unlithe (04/05/2014) [-]
sweet roll bruh
#11 to #7 - Hydrocircuit (04/05/2014) [-]
**Hydrocircuit rolled image** whats with all the guns. Also THIS IS NOT THE ******* JUNGLE THIS IS A HUMAN SOCIETY.

Just to make that clear.
Second, that whole "key and lock" analogy you neckbeards love using. Guess what yo, it doesn't make any ******* sense because GUESS WHAT YO, THATS NOT HOW IT WORKS AT ALL, WOW!
#27 to #11 - boomerpyro (04/05/2014) [-]
**boomerpyro rolled image** all these sweet rolls...
#85 to #11 - oubliette (04/06/2014) [-]
"it doest make any sense because thats not how it works"

......your logic is undeniable v.i.k.y. ...
#36 - blastros (04/05/2014) [-]
taking things a little bit to far here guys.
taking things a little bit to far here guys.
#35 - fukyouto (04/05/2014) [-]
guys this is ****** , sure she showed her tits but that doesnt mean she should be ****** molested
#44 to #35 - anon (04/05/2014) [-]
This happened over in Egypt during all the crazy **** . Sure shes female and no one over there gives 2 camel ***** about that, I still think they have terrible "equal" rights over there. If you want to go see the world, see whats going on in governments that fine, but if you expect to go over to a war torn country and expect it to be an all out party then you don't deserve to just get molested but also raped for it. She was a ******* idiot about it so yes she deserved to get molested.
Its like going over to Syria and calling every high ranking pirate a ****** and not expect anything to go wrong.
tl;dr Don't be a ******* idiot.
#61 to #35 - shredmaster (04/06/2014) [-]
It goes both ways. The guys were assholes for groping her but she was a dumb slut for pulling her ******* top up in a sea of people.
User avatar #65 - randomwanker (04/06/2014) [-]
I understand that groping her was bad, but what do you think would happen if you flashed your tits at a crowd of men.... The men saw this as an invitation and frankly I would have seen as one to. She should just accept she ****** up and that nothing would have happened to her if she would have just thought before doing such a provoking thing
User avatar #71 to #65 - hudis (04/06/2014) [-]
Except it's not an invitation. She was flashing her tits for the camera. It's what people do at concerts after a few or more than a few beers. The fact that people are trying to justify this behaviour of groping and molesting her like this is absolutely ******* disgusting. The top comment by jaymesburner in this content is correct; this hatred directed at feminists is becoming worse than the feminist extremists themselves.
#93 to #71 - jaymesburner (04/10/2014) [-]
Just gotta say thanks dude. First ever mention for me. Also thanks to ever thumbing my comment, made it into top 150 for first time ever.
User avatar #77 to #71 - randomwanker (04/06/2014) [-]
I think you are wrong, and you think I'm wrong. I think the best thing to do is just agree to disagree. This is still a touchy subject I think humanity needs a few more hundred years to decide whose at fault here
User avatar #82 to #77 - hudis (04/06/2014) [-]
I just think attempts to justify these men's actions show a lack of time spent thinking about it. We're not animals. There has to be something more than a piece of cloth keeping people from getting their hands all over somebody. If someone stops thinking and loses all self-control as soon as a nipple shows, well, is that person really worth defending in the first place?
User avatar #83 to #82 - randomwanker (04/06/2014) [-]
we are all animals my friend, no set of morals will ever beat our instinctive need to procreate
User avatar #88 to #83 - hudis (04/06/2014) [-]
That is exactly what our morals usually do.
#41 - anon (04/05/2014) [-]
here's an uncensored version imgur.com/r/imgoingtohellforthis/pih8dxY
#68 - bdawg (04/06/2014) [-]
What a dumb bitch.... But the guys who touched the stupid bitch deserve to get their hands broken.
What a dumb bitch.... But the guys who touched the stupid bitch deserve to get their hands broken.
User avatar #76 to #68 - Missdomayuset (04/06/2014) [-]
Agreed. She should never of been that stupid to do what she did, but it doesn't justify what the guys did. I wish people didn't make this sh*t so one sided all the time, everyone was a dumb*ss here.
User avatar #46 - berkut (04/05/2014) [-]
5 out of 6 people enjoy gang rape.
Really, that is not nice yo.
User avatar #63 to #46 - nyuORlucy (04/06/2014) [-]
4 out of 6, the father is having second thoughts
User avatar #21 - bigblacknegro (04/05/2014) [-]
i kinda need source..
User avatar #25 to #23 - bigblacknegro (04/05/2014) [-]
not sure what other people think, but the people looked like thirsty ************* .
just grabbing her boobs is really pathetic.
User avatar #78 to #23 - Missdomayuset (04/06/2014) [-]
Unless I'm wrong... but after seeing the actual video, I don't think it was the initial boob grab that made her cry. It actually looks like she was getting hurt for a moment and getting pulled down to the ground would terrify anyone.
#2 - confusedasian (04/05/2014) [-]
Yeah, I feel slightly bad for her getting groped and stuff, but it's still her fault.   
She's an idiot for doing that in the first place.   
Those guys should have more self control.
Yeah, I feel slightly bad for her getting groped and stuff, but it's still her fault.

She's an idiot for doing that in the first place.
Those guys should have more self control.
#12 to #2 - Hydrocircuit (04/05/2014) [-]
"still her fault."
"Those guys should have more self control."

Also it may not even be that, but the fact that a swarm of people converging on you and grabbing at your loose skin or something. Ya know, human reactions.

#57 to #12 - soloman (04/06/2014) [-]
It can be multiple people's fault... I like how you flat out treat that like a breach in logic.

Imagine a man stands in a firing range, and yells out "Shoot me!" and another man walks up, sees him, pulls out a handgun, and shoots him. They're both idiots.
#3 to #2 - LaBarata (04/05/2014) [-]
User avatar #4 to #3 - LaBarata (04/05/2014) [-]
(There. Now I've inb4'd the rabid feminazis, so we're safe,)
#6 to #4 - anon (04/05/2014) [-]
But seriously tho, saying its her fault is implying we (men) just are some ******* monkys who cant even control ourselves.
That's the part which really annoys me
#9 to #6 - insanefreak (04/05/2014) [-]
I have to agree with Anon here. If a girl flashes her boobs (which has happened to me before), it isn't the same as throwing meat in front of tigers. Humans are supposed to have self control.

I don't know the situation, so I can't judge. Maybe they were all emotionally riled up, drunk, rednecks That's a joke , or just total morons, but she did something stupid, but humans are supposed to have more self control than that.

Although, in such cases, one person kickstarting it is enough to create so much peer pressure almost everyone would cave in to it.
User avatar #40 - claytonb (04/05/2014) [-]
This is like pulling a gun on a cop and complaining when they arrest you.

Molesting is bad yes.

But being stupid enough to know you could provoke some response for doing so is her own doing. She wasn't lifting her top because it was momentarily too hot I can tell you that.
User avatar #42 to #40 - MrMustacho (04/05/2014) [-]
no this is like getting life in prison for speeding
#45 to #42 - anon (04/05/2014) [-]
I'm pretty sure she's not getting groped for the rest of her life.

This is like getting pulled over for speeding, and actually having to pay the ticket even when you flash your tits.
User avatar #52 to #42 - TheMather ONLINE (04/06/2014) [-]
More like getting any prison time for speeding... in the parking lot of the police station.
User avatar #1 - deescalation ONLINE (04/05/2014) [-]
"I did not foresee the consequences of my actions! Somebody help fix this problem that I have created with my lack of foresight!"
User avatar #51 to #1 - failtolawl (04/05/2014) [-]
says all the men who were in jail for molestation.
User avatar #10 to #1 - ljxjlos (04/05/2014) [-]
Implying that this is only her fault. Seriously, if a well-trained man would take his shirt of in front of a load of horny woman, this probably wouldn´t happen either. I mean, I´m not defending this extreme feminism ******** , but the men in the content obviously are pretty ****** up. I mean, how ******* few self-control can a man have?
User avatar #50 - TrashX (04/05/2014) [-]
I'm sorry but this is ******* horrible. Those people need some ******* self control.
#60 to #50 - shredmaster (04/06/2014) [-]
Hopefully you're including the female in that sentence as well.
User avatar #87 to #60 - TrashX (04/06/2014) [-]
It's hardly horrific to flash boobs really.
#89 to #87 - shredmaster (04/07/2014) [-]
Don't act like she wasn't an idiot for exposing herself in a crowd of people. That's stupid for anyone to do, male or female. Everyone in that gif was being a ******* moron.
User avatar #90 to #89 - TrashX (04/07/2014) [-]
She shouldn't have exposed herself however just because she did it doesn't give anybody a right to touch her. We're humans not rabid animals, I'd like to think people had some self control.
#91 to #90 - shredmaster (04/07/2014) [-]
No, it didn't give anyone the right to touch her. Humans are, unfortunately, incredibly ****** at self-control. The human race as a whole behaves like a group of rabid animals, and it sucks, but that's how it is.
User avatar #92 to #91 - TrashX (04/08/2014) [-]
I have been to huge parties, gig and festivals where women have exposed themselves and I have never witnessed anything like that. Not every individual is like that.
User avatar #69 to #60 - hudis (04/06/2014) [-]
That doesn't even have to be relevant. She wasn't the one doing anything illegal and incredibly disrespectful. We don't have to go all "But the woman did wrong too" on -every ******* post- in which a woman isn't depicted as the devil.
User avatar #70 to #69 - superpower (04/06/2014) [-]
Indecent Exposure comes to mind
#74 to #70 - kisushima (04/06/2014) [-]
Many places, like Austin TX, have a policy that citizens can be shirtless; females too because to discriminate would be pretty poor.
User avatar #72 to #70 - hudis (04/06/2014) [-]
I don't think so. It looks to be at a festival or concert or something. Usually a place where people are drunk and engage in indecent behaviour constantly. That's not an invitation for half a dozen men to put their hands all over some girl's body.
#73 to #72 - anon (04/06/2014) [-]
You're wielding a double edged sword for your logic..
User avatar #75 to #73 - hudis (04/06/2014) [-]
Not really. There's a huge difference between showing your own tits for a camera and deciding to join 5-10 other men in groping a stranger's tits without their consent.
User avatar #13 - GLJR (04/05/2014) [-]
Foolish Slut
#15 to #13 - thechosentroll (04/05/2014) [-]
Here, take this.
User avatar #49 - becefalus (04/05/2014) [-]
Aww come on now guys, if you just put yourself in her shoes you would see how horrible this is.
Just whipping your dick out in a crowd of women and having them touch and rub it sensually is just mentally scarring.
User avatar #66 to #49 - toosexyforyou (04/06/2014) [-]
User avatar #37 - jpford (04/05/2014) [-]
probly my favorite part of this video is after she gets out of the crowd and says that you need to respect women
User avatar #22 - becefalus (04/05/2014) [-]
she should have learned when that guy whipped his cwuack out at a feminism rally.
User avatar #38 to #22 - kittyhatesyou (04/05/2014) [-]
He didn't get gangbanged
User avatar #39 to #38 - becefalus (04/05/2014) [-]
that you know of.
User avatar #8 - oubliette (04/05/2014) [-]
wtf did she expect? shes surrounded by sweaty men with cameras barely dick length from her
#94 - anon (08/10/2014) [-]
kek, what a silly tart
#80 - anon (04/06/2014) [-]
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