top kek, really spiffing.

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User avatar #4 - Kaii (02/26/2014) [-]
If anyone is wondering - for British Sign Language at least - I know this... Made it mum! Finally made something of myself... ...online at least... It's a start I suppose...

"I'm" is just pointing at yourself (pointing at your chest)

And "sorry" is make your hand into a fist, place it palm facing your chest, then move it in a circle.
#1 - mrdomster (02/26/2014) [-]
**mrdomster rolled a random image posted in comment #61 at mods or glitches? ** Looks something like this
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#3 to #1 - adarkmagicain (02/26/2014) [-]
**adarkmagicain rolled a random image posted in comment #56 at (untitled) ** No it looks like this

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