this man is my hero. you my friend won the internet. Jon Welter Store Manager Kmart store 4255 Summit Hints. Reno. NV, 89503 Nits. Home as Street Home Park, Ren
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this man is my hero

you my friend won the internet

Jon Welter
Store Manager
Kmart store 4255
Summit Hints. Reno. NV, 89503
Nits. Home
as Street
Home Park, Reno, NV,
Deer hire. Rented.
inuring the preceding E months our nearby stat! has been mummy your husbands min in our store. The
list him details his offings, all of which have been by our memes and we have mama motes
on tape.
we have repeatedly when you he warnings whine he s it the new and he has subsequently ‘geared
them. He replied to these warnig with rudeness and the re nee "trams the we shops here I will oaths here too‘. We
are therefore forced to ban you, your husband and your tami from this store.
The following hat dank your husbands emirates in this more otter the past eh: months.
June 15: Took its boxes of ' butthert in neopets ems when they weren' t hotter.
July it at ell the alarm atedge In Home wares to go off at Hana.
Made a onther flour bading tithe .
tit, AEI:' ' t" elated up to on employee and told her in an tatical tone, ' if in house wares and watched whet
Augusta: Serene asked to Meme ' t .
September 14: Herod a Caution . WET FLOUR’ sign to a carpeted area.
15: Set up a but in the centring & and told other shoppers he' d who the if thaw bring gallows.
Semptember' t' -3: If any staff autumn he begins testy end salts. ‘Why-: en‘ have merkone'?‘
Demure: Looked right Moths Em owners; used it e m' raer, end picked his nose-
hinterher lot white in the we ; we the one It he knees were the antidepressants ere-
Darted around the store % usly loudly humming the ‘Heston ‘ theme.
Desember E: In the auto department. manhood his ‘Madame UNA" using d' thereat we funnels.
it Hes it a anothing rash and when people browse though. yelled "PICK Mer "ACK ME!"
when an ', eema enter the loud speaker, he assumes the fete] and Morse's ‘him
Noi, in those whee againa"
December 23: Went in the fitting mom, shut the door and wand a while: than ylod, very huh, ‘There is no tolled
John F. Walker
Store Manager
Kmart stone 4355 Store Phone: ()
SUMMIT RIDGE. RENO. NV. 39503 Emmy Phone: t'
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