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the shit they have to put up with


Parrots are friendly funny birds. But apparently lots of them just love to annoy cats.
CREDITS (in order of appearance):

1. Parrot annoys cat: youtu.be/NOpS4qGILyY
2. Parrot Relentlessly Annoying Cat: youtu.be/9qL-MD53qDs
3. Paciencia Gatuna 3.0 - Cat and parrot are friends: youtu.be/1Fh8dOMHqa4
4. Parrot vs. Cat epic Food-Fight !: youtu.be/fTzw3GdAlSY
5. Sleepy cat and parrot Попугай мешает спать: youtu.be/r6KiCBtrfOQ
6. Cat vs Parrot: youtu.be/PzDHGfV8spw

Views: 699 Submitted: 12/09/2013