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User avatar #1 - juo (08/25/2013) [+] (9 replies)
sounds pretty good actually, voldemort's perspective would make an interesting story, sorry i can't thumb you
#12 - partnerintroll ONLINE (08/25/2013) [-]
I would read a book on Tom Riddle's first morning wood.

I have nothing related so here's Tom Paine
#86 to #12 - thessalonaki (08/26/2013) [-]
Thumbed because Tom Paine is my hero.
Thumbed because Tom Paine is my hero.
#48 - ishotthedeputy (08/26/2013) [-]
I have a good idea for a star wars prequel
User avatar #66 to #48 - thedudeistheman ONLINE (08/26/2013) [-]
Does Tara Reid play Jar Jar?
User avatar #92 to #66 - catburglarpenis ONLINE (08/26/2013) [-]
Tara Reid plays ALL the parts.
User avatar #93 to #92 - thedudeistheman ONLINE (08/26/2013) [-]
That would be a fantastic movie.
User avatar #27 - missrainbowdash (08/26/2013) [-]
so why did everyone hate the star wars prequels anyway? other than jar jar?
User avatar #42 to #27 - pepemex (08/26/2013) [-]
Because it made them realize that they idealized a generic, ****** story for little kids.
User avatar #47 to #27 - spankcakes ONLINE (08/26/2013) [-]
They emphasized eye candy, instead of the story.
User avatar #51 to #27 - haeckal (08/26/2013) [-]
This guy does a (surreal) YouTube series on exactly what makes a movie "good" and why the Star Wars prequels were sub-par. If you can overlook his weirdness, he makes a lot of great points - I learned a lot about film criticism from this dude and it's pretty funny.

#119 to #51 - learned (08/29/2013) [-]
#69 to #27 - thegofuckyourself (08/26/2013) [-]
It had no main character, they never explained the background for anything(The prophecy, ect), half of the battles were just giant light orgies with no order or reason about them, they killed darth maul too soon( he was a badass villain and would have made a cool revenge plot point for Obi Wan, the climax of the first movie was way to scattered, and you felt nothing for anakin, he was just a winy bitch for three movies(It was fine in the first one because he was like 12 but after that no excuse), and overall it seemed like they put special effects first, big battles second, fight sequences third and story & character development last.
User avatar #3 - jellybaby (08/25/2013) [-]
I think she should write books about the Marauders, the next-gen, the founders and just about everything else.
User avatar #7 to #3 - Seventeen (08/25/2013) [-]
you should go all 'misery' on her ass!
User avatar #4 - greatbear (08/25/2013) [-]
she should write like 10000 books outside of the main storyline
#72 - iwolfiii (08/26/2013) [-]
Call it Harry Potter Episode 1 "The phantom wizard"
#25 - howaboutnsfw (08/26/2013) [-]
Where have we seen something like this before?
#105 to #25 - John Cena (08/26/2013) [-]
but episode 3 is my favorite star wars movie....
#32 to #25 - John Cena (08/26/2013) [-]
3 was mostly good.
#33 to #32 - howaboutnsfw (08/26/2013) [-]
I actually like them though... I was just saying that the idea has been done
#15 - babbylicious (08/25/2013) [-]
Not a good idea if history teaches us anything
User avatar #21 to #15 - telmerthisisasix (08/26/2013) [-]
The Chronicles of Narnia.
User avatar #46 to #15 - drtrousersnake (08/26/2013) [-]
good idea, but execution did not live up to expectations.
No prequels means no Star Wars Battlefront
User avatar #55 to #15 - vishnarg (08/26/2013) [-]
No **** you and your **** those movies are ******* good if you don't like them then go watch Star Trek or something. ******* these days...
User avatar #57 to #15 - bobbybeats (08/26/2013) [-]
The phantom menace is the bomb.
User avatar #43 to #15 - jimmyprice ONLINE (08/26/2013) [-]
hate me if you will but episode 3 was awesome in my opinion
User avatar #36 to #15 - srapture (08/26/2013) [-]
I saw these films as they were released before seeing the original trilogy, and I really enjoyed them... JarJar's still a cunt though.
#35 to #15 - iamundecided (08/26/2013) [-]
I enjoyed both the prequel and original trilogies.
mfw everybody shoves their red thumbs up my ass.
#63 - likethirtyferret (08/26/2013) [-]
Isnt that what lucas did with vader....
Pls don't
#65 to #63 - thereclaimer **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
#103 to #65 - hankiepankie (08/26/2013) [-]
Starwars was not called episode IV when it was released in 78. Lucas changed the name in 81 (same year V was released) after he realized he couldn't tell the whole story in three movies
#80 to #65 - John Cena (08/26/2013) [-]
so what about oceans 11 and so on. are they gonna go back and make 1-10? i think not. some times they do use a different number in the title to sell more by making people think there are other good ones that they havent heard of, thus they spend more money on the series
User avatar #96 to #80 - zorororonoa (08/26/2013) [-]
But with Star Wars they didn't stop at 4, they made 5 and 6, so that kinda implies prequels. Plus they decided to name them episode 4, 5 and 6.
#68 to #65 - likethirtyferret (08/26/2013) [-]
So how can we be sure that this will be correctly executed?
#71 to #68 - roninsword (08/26/2013) [-]
The main difference is that Harry Potter is first and foremost a book series.
Star Wars was not.
#95 - John Cena (08/26/2013) [-]
I'd rather have a prequel about Dumbledore having to take down Grindelwald. Set in WWII; it would be awesome.
#91 - iridium ONLINE (08/26/2013) [-]
I think that's perfectly fine to leave the fans to write, but I don't think she should write any more Harry Potter series unless she herself feels she should. JK Rowling spent a lot of years working on that series which she became famous for and poured her heart and soul into it. On top of that, it starts to seem more like milking the series for money. We should be happy with what we're given and not incessantly ask for more to try to extend what is already a long, well developed and concluded series. Right now, she wants to write novels towards a different taste and we should respect her desire to do so and not pigeonhole her into one series.Who knows, she may be working on another great series of novels for you to fall in love with all over again, with stories that you don't know the end result to already. She's already done it before.

TL;DR She's a good author, let Harry Potter be what it is unless she wants to put more into it.

#60 - captainwow (08/26/2013) [-]
And she can go to George Lucas for ideas. He has experience in writing prequels from the point of view of the villains.
And she can go to George Lucas for ideas. He has experience in writing prequels from the point of view of the villains.
#74 to #60 - iwolfiii (08/26/2013) [-]
That better be a female stormtrooper.
#101 to #74 - killerblue (08/26/2013) [-]
It's not
#76 to #74 - captainwow (08/26/2013) [-]
You know damn well it isn't.
#78 to #76 - iwolfiii (08/26/2013) [-]
There goes my childhood ruined.
#41 - pepemex (08/26/2013) [-]
Just let it die already
#44 to #41 - John Cena (08/26/2013) [-]
Doesn't it amaze you that people bitch about things getting stale, but then they go and bitch about how there need to be prequels, sequels, and side-story ******** ?
User avatar #38 - yourdadsdad (08/26/2013) [-]
It should be from Lily's point of view. And just stop with the words "Adavera Kadavra"
User avatar #83 to #38 - falcontreeko ONLINE (08/26/2013) [-]
And suddenly, lily knowing these we're her last moments did everything she could to protect her son. Then she heard the words Avada kedavera
User avatar #30 - maxismahname (08/26/2013) [-]
J.K Rowling should just write a bunch of books about harry potter
User avatar #39 to #30 - newforomador (08/26/2013) [-]
I remember reading somewhere that she planned on making up to 10, but because of criticism she finished at 7. I'm not sure if this is true though, and I don't feel like searching for it on google
#22 - vanillasmoke (08/26/2013) [-]
bear with me, what if someone poured phoenix tears onto the diary, would that part of the soul possibly comeback? sequel potential.
bear with me, what if someone poured phoenix tears onto the diary, would that part of the soul possibly comeback? sequel potential.
User avatar #37 to #22 - keiishiyama (08/26/2013) [-]
The Horcrux in the diary is completely destroyed. The phoenix tears wouldn't do anything.
User avatar #114 to #37 - vanillasmoke (08/26/2013) [-]
i'm just saying phoenix tears heal basilisk venom and as far as I know horcruxes dont have the same properties as humans so it could still heal it because it was destroyed by the venom. it just seems plausible unless like i said above, you know where it says that this isn't possible then touche.
User avatar #117 to #114 - keiishiyama (08/28/2013) [-]
Phoenix tears heal any physical wound, which a basilisk's venom causes. The Horcrux, not being human, can't suffer "physical" wounds. As you said, it doesn't have the same properties as human flesh; it is entirely dependent on the well-being of its container. The diary was ruined, and so was the Horcrux.
User avatar #118 to #117 - vanillasmoke (08/29/2013) [-]
but there's nothing to my knowledge that states that, we're talking about magic here too, this to me just seems like the best sequel idea because there is nothing that says it couldn't happen. until rowling publishes something that says, btw phoenix tears work only on living breathing humans and not on a horcrux then i'll call it off. but hermione explains that a horcrux is the opposite of a soul or something so like the tears could have a totally different reaction with it. also, if dementors can suck out a soul, could they give one back?
User avatar #56 to #22 - xdeathspawnx (08/26/2013) [-]
phoenix tears can only heal someone who is still alive, so it wouldn't do anything to someone who was dead.
User avatar #113 to #56 - vanillasmoke (08/26/2013) [-]
i don't recall it saying that anywhere in the books though, that's why I hold the possibility open. unless you guys know the spot in the books where it says that, which in that case touche.
User avatar #115 to #113 - xdeathspawnx (08/26/2013) [-]
The wiki says that it can bring people back from the brink of death, but nothing about reversing death. I can definitely understand the confusion though, because it did look like Ginni was dead in the chamber of secret.
User avatar #116 to #115 - vanillasmoke (08/27/2013) [-]
I'm not saying it can bring voldy fully back to life but i feel like it can bring back that fragment of a soul and he has already proven that he broke the laws of magic so it only seems possible that he or some other dark wizard could do it again. I just think it'd be a cool idea to run with.
#11 - NatashaReinhart (08/25/2013) [-]
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