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Submitted: 04/17/2013
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#23 - devorezz ONLINE (04/17/2013) [-]
Seriously though, you seem the friendly sort, so you have a nice day.
Seriously though, you seem the friendly sort, so you have a nice day.
User avatar #27 to #23 - thankyouverymuch (04/17/2013) [-]
YOU ARE PRETTY! And also on a serious note thank you! Why be mean when you can be friendly and possibly make someones day. I hope you have an amazing day or night depending on where you are!
#37 to #27 - devorezz ONLINE (04/17/2013) [-]
I'm actually headed to bed, so I'll bank that nice day for tomorrow! 'Till next time my friend!
User avatar #39 to #37 - thankyouverymuch (04/17/2013) [-]
Well sleep tight and don't let the bed bugs bite!
User avatar #19 - jcdman (04/17/2013) [-]
I didn't think there where any nice people still alive on this site
User avatar #21 to #19 - thankyouverymuch (04/17/2013) [-]
Well clearly there is one right above me who is named jcdman. Thank you!
User avatar #86 to #21 - jcdman (04/17/2013) [-]
What is your motivation for these compliments?
User avatar #96 to #86 - thankyouverymuch (04/18/2013) [-]
Why not spread some compliments around? It doesn't hurt me any to say that you are a nice person. And if I do go out of my way to compliment some people then maybe both of us can feel a little happier and spread it to more people!
#16 - twi (04/17/2013) [-]
This image has expired
you probably have no idea who I am and have never seen me on this site before

compliment pls
User avatar #20 to #16 - thankyouverymuch (04/17/2013) [-]
I have seen you before you frequent the brony stuff and you also go on random I believe. You have a very extroverted person at least on the internet! Extroversion is great keeps conversations going and helps other open up as well. Thank you!
User avatar #29 to #20 - twi (04/17/2013) [-]
awww you <3
#13 - brainiacs (04/17/2013) [-]
Comment Picture
User avatar #18 to #13 - thankyouverymuch (04/17/2013) [-]
Bill Nye is awesome and you are awesome for posting that gif!
User avatar #25 to #18 - brainiacs (04/17/2013) [-]
I now feel 10x happier. :D
User avatar #33 to #25 - thankyouverymuch (04/17/2013) [-]
And that makes me 10X happier :)
#7 - jaykok (04/17/2013) [-]
Everybody is gay except for me.
User avatar #9 to #7 - thankyouverymuch (04/17/2013) [-]
It is nice of you to say everyone is happy. Although I don't know what you are not happy. You are clearly articulate so you must be well educated.
#15 to #9 - jaykok (04/17/2013) [-]
No, I'm not happy because my compliment felt shrouded with sarcasm. I will leave you to your gay day. Kinda thanks for the compliment
User avatar #24 to #15 - thankyouverymuch (04/17/2013) [-]
Well I will fix it then. People have there right to be happy and love whoever they want so if they are gay and happy I am very happy for them especially if they found their significant other. I am strait myself and I hope like me you find love one day.
#34 to #24 - jaykok (04/17/2013) [-]
Love whoever they want? Are you implying that I was referring to homosexuals? I'll have none of that intolerance you fool! I was simply a man who required a compliment for I am not like the rest.
#36 to #34 - jaykok (04/17/2013) [-]
I am not gay.
User avatar #38 to #34 - thankyouverymuch (04/17/2013) [-]
Well sir I hope you have a great day and I am most certainly not intolerant if I was my sister would not be very happy with me.
#3 - iamkagji ONLINE (04/17/2013) [-]
Too much love...
User avatar #4 to #3 - thankyouverymuch (04/17/2013) [-]
No such thing but your picture plus comment works perfectly. I bet you are a very coordinated person!
User avatar #1 - andiminius (04/17/2013) [-]
You can do it.
User avatar #2 to #1 - thankyouverymuch (04/17/2013) [-]
You are a very motivational person. Without you I don't think i would have made it as far as I have in life. Thank you very much!
#12 - ponchilio (04/17/2013) [-]
Even more happiness. Happiness for all!
#17 to #12 - thankyouverymuch (04/17/2013) [-]
Hooray for happiness. Thank you for helping spreading happiness. And contrary to the other t-rex its a lot.
#22 to #17 - ponchilio (04/17/2013) [-]
Well thank you for the compliment and I hope your quest to compliment everyone goes well. Also, have a great day.

<Everyone remember.
User avatar #35 to #22 - thankyouverymuch (04/17/2013) [-]
Thank you for the inspiration have an amazing day your self. Also you are most certainly welcome!
User avatar #8 - fallenoffacliff (04/17/2013) [-]
Thank you very much for the compliment you are about to give me
User avatar #11 to #8 - thankyouverymuch (04/17/2013) [-]
You are a very well mannered person. I bet you hold doors open for people and always mind your pleases and thank yous. You are welcome by the way!
User avatar #61 - makujensi (04/17/2013) [-]
You don't even know me.
User avatar #63 to #61 - thankyouverymuch (04/17/2013) [-]
Your profile pick is L who happens to be one of my favorite anime characters from my favorite anime deathnote. So you have great tastes in anime. Also from what little I know you have been around on the site for awhile and have accrued a good amount of thumbs so you must be a pretty funny guy are at least well liked!
#65 to #63 - makujensi (04/17/2013) [-]
You made me feel nice! Thank you!!
User avatar #67 to #65 - thankyouverymuch (04/17/2013) [-]
Turtles are my favorite animal so I love that picture. You make me feel nice as well you are so very welcome!
User avatar #60 - dragongod (04/17/2013) [-]
How you guys feeling this evening?
User avatar #62 to #60 - thankyouverymuch (04/17/2013) [-]
I am feeling great how about you? Thank you for asking!
User avatar #64 to #62 - dragongod (04/17/2013) [-]
Not in the best of moods.
Lot of **** going on with some friends, and I don't live there anymore. Doing my best to be there, but it's not the same not actually being there.
User avatar #66 to #64 - thankyouverymuch (04/17/2013) [-]
I am sorry to hear that I can semi relate to it. I went to private school till high school then switched to public school for high school. All my friends went to private school still and I was slowly growing apart from them. I just kept in my mind the saying "Make new friends but keep the old. One is silver and the other gold." The ones who are your true friends will make the effort to stay friends no matter the distance and new friends mean more friends so might as well go for it!
#52 - mrspok (04/17/2013) [-]
juat me.
User avatar #53 to #52 - thankyouverymuch (04/17/2013) [-]
That is some awesome facial hair I wish I could grow is like that. Also you look like you are in good shape probably could kick some ass! By the way what kind a shades? They are stylin'!
User avatar #54 to #53 - mrspok (04/17/2013) [-]
some what good shape (i hate cardieo), the hair changes all the time, and there just your some home depo safety glasses, i need them for work (truck driver for rig moves).
User avatar #55 to #54 - thankyouverymuch (04/17/2013) [-]
Same cardio is the worst. Doing p90x right now and there is this cardio day that is just awful. Well what you got going on in that picture is pretty badass!
User avatar #57 to #55 - mrspok (04/17/2013) [-]
thanks, your a good person, when i become supreme ruler of the world, you shall be spared.
User avatar #58 to #57 - thankyouverymuch (04/17/2013) [-]
Oh it is no problem! And thank you good luck on your path to world domination!
#42 - TheUndeadMexican (04/17/2013) [-]
Promote the love that is MAKE SHIFT MAFIA
Google it.
User avatar #81 to #42 - thankyouverymuch (04/17/2013) [-]
Hey btw I liked blue turds a lot the beat was chill.
User avatar #47 to #42 - thankyouverymuch (04/17/2013) [-]
Jurassicknasty has a freaking sweet album cover which songs are best? Also I love learning about new music so thank you very much for the recommendation I will have to listen up!
User avatar #49 to #47 - TheUndeadMexican (04/17/2013) [-]
Our favorites include.


thank you for your positive reinforcement.
If you like find us on any social site. Except myspace. We dont like myspace.
User avatar #51 to #49 - thankyouverymuch (04/17/2013) [-]
Oh this is your band?!? Awesome! I will definitely listen to some then.
#41 - drego (04/17/2013) [-]
Why not give it a shot? :3

User avatar #45 to #41 - thankyouverymuch (04/17/2013) [-]
If that is you and I am strait guy by the way but you have a trustworthy look to you like I would love to have you as an employee because I know I would be able to trust the work to get done. You also have a great smile and teeth so I am sure you show it off a lot. That smile would be contagious!
User avatar #46 to #45 - drego (04/17/2013) [-]
You sir... Just passed the test :O You have my axe!
User avatar #50 to #46 - thankyouverymuch (04/17/2013) [-]
and you have my sword! LOTR is awesome. Glad I passed the test :)
User avatar #40 - pheonixinstinct (04/17/2013) [-]
there are people that like to rape children
User avatar #43 to #40 - thankyouverymuch (04/17/2013) [-]
Yeah and it is a very sad world because of it. I just hope we can bring to light those that do such awful crimes so that those kids can receive the proper care. Also I use to use phoenix as a name for characters in games cause I thought phoenixes were bad ass and because I would come back to life. Thank you for bringing this issue to light. Have a great day!
User avatar #44 to #43 - pheonixinstinct (04/17/2013) [-]
and you sir are a very kind and punctual man(or woman)! i mean dam, that was fast!
User avatar #48 to #44 - thankyouverymuch (04/17/2013) [-]
Thanks! I like to be thorough.. Also man :)
User avatar #31 to #28 - thankyouverymuch (04/17/2013) [-]
Both Monty Python and Narwhals are the best you have great tastes!
User avatar #26 - captainoptimist (04/17/2013) [-]
Compliment, please! :)
User avatar #30 to #26 - thankyouverymuch (04/17/2013) [-]
This is an easy one. I love optimism and if you are the captain of optimism then you sir are amazing. No reason to look at everything in such a pessimistic way when there is always a bright side. :)
User avatar #56 to #30 - captainoptimist (04/17/2013) [-]
Oh well, thank you for the lovely compliment. :)
User avatar #59 to #56 - thankyouverymuch (04/17/2013) [-]
ma'am? You are very welcome!
#72 - sliferzpwns (04/17/2013) [-]
Hey, you make peoples day and leave their cares astray on a day like today, there is no need to pray, just smile and walk away.
User avatar #75 to #72 - thankyouverymuch (04/17/2013) [-]
Thank you! Did you just write that yourself?
User avatar #77 to #72 - thankyouverymuch (04/17/2013) [-]
That is a very thoughtful comment either way! I hope that when ever i run into to someone I can leave them walking away smiling and in a better mood because of it. You comment just did that for me. I read it and it made me smile. Thank you!
#68 - Primus (04/17/2013) [-]
I like women with big breasts who are also intelligent, bu the problem for me is that they don't seem to be same to often :(.
User avatar #69 to #68 - thankyouverymuch (04/17/2013) [-]
I am also a boob guy so I like the way you think. And having a partner who has the same level of intelligence as you makes for a much better relationship. Not sure what you are saying at the end though...
#71 to #69 - Primus (04/17/2013) [-]
http://1.bp.blogspot. com /SqhhJbP3Kk/Sp_frVGGgXI/AAAAAAAAI9Q/BbBF9Rw5fac/s400/pick+two.jpg
User avatar #74 to #71 - thankyouverymuch (04/17/2013) [-]
I couldn't make your link work but I assume that it is that pie chart saying pick two! I don't believe that one bit. The perfect woman for you is out there you just have to get on the scene and talk up those ladies. Everyone has a soul mate and a guy like you will definitely find her!
User avatar #109 to #107 - thankyouverymuch (04/18/2013) [-]
OBJECTION!!! It is you that is awesome! Phoenix Wright games are the best I wish I still had them.
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