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Welcome to the real world.
#7 - anon (04/15/2013) [-]
you're having a nervous breakdown over problems with your girlfriend? my guess is that you're a teenager. if that's true, you need to realize that if you break up it's not the end of the world. easier said than done, i know. but what advise could you possibly expect to make anything better? just take your lumps kid. it's part of growing up.
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an hero
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look up the number for a help hotline. Funnyjunk is an awful place to ask for help.
User avatar #8 to #3 - critique (04/15/2013) [-]
Here's a list of helpful hotlines. Talking things out with somebody will help you clear your head and relieve your stress.
User avatar #1 - vedgetable (04/15/2013) [-]
meanwhile in boston....
#9 to #1 - anon (04/15/2013) [-]
What if she was a runner in the marathon and the problem he's having is not knowing if she's ok?
User avatar #12 to #9 - vedgetable (04/16/2013) [-]
then how is funnyjunk going to solve that **** ?
im sorry but what i was saying was he should deal with personal matters himself,
by doing so you learn to make dicisions.
you need help when you NEED help, and YOU NEED HELP
when someone blows your foot of
i highly doubt his girlfriend is a runner in the boston ******* marathon and even so the runners didnt get hit
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break up with the bitch
break up with the bitch
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