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Bug: I don't have a smartphone :(
#143 - vegetatheprince (04/12/2013) [-]
Just some things:
-trying to scroll down on a pic will bring you to another pic. You may want to get rid of that, its hard to get around and annoying.
-6 pics per page is too few, reduce thumbnail size, increase quantity, or atleast the option to do so.
- you should put a 'top channels' tab

Props for finally doing it.
User avatar #282 to #143 - stafeezy (04/17/2013) [-]
or just a channels tab..
User avatar #145 to #143 - vegetatheprince (04/12/2013) [-]
I would also give some kind of community reaction pic folder, to go with mobile commenting. Maybe something basic, like a bunch of smileys.

Also, on here(full site), a comment should have a small cellphone next to it or something so we can see it was mobily uploaded.
#160 to #145 - comanderspy (04/12/2013) [-]
smileys... please no. i think he should just add a normal 'upload picture'. if you are 			*******		 lazy enough to not put your 'pics' folder on your phone, then you dont get to post pictures!
smileys... please no. i think he should just add a normal 'upload picture'. if you are ******* lazy enough to not put your 'pics' folder on your phone, then you dont get to post pictures!
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Have you set it to Wumbo?
User avatar #48 to #46 - rummler (04/12/2013) [-]
Did you try turning off your phone and turning it back on again?
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I love you DJ 4DM1N, you finally did it man, you finally did it, the whole nuke think is forgiven ok, just dont do it again.
#308 to #13 - hairibar (04/21/2013) [-]
******** . The nuke **** is glorious. He must do it again.
User avatar #157 - icelandicviking (04/12/2013) [-]
Add **** .
#77 - BIGSEXYISBACKAGAIN (04/12/2013) [-]
Thank you!   
You are the DJ 4DM1N that FJ needs right now.
Thank you!

You are the DJ 4DM1N that FJ needs right now.
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#159 - comanderspy (04/12/2013) [-]
works smoothly on my verizon razor m. i would suggest adding a zoom feature, i was trying to read the mind hacks story on the frontpage, but the letters were too small.

also change the color of the arrows they look like **** , nothing in fj is blue, try to keep consistency with everything (green, purple. and '50 shades of gray)

also, i dont know if DJ 4DM1N can work on this, but maybe make page turning (or going to the next content) smoother. when i flick or slide to the side the page goes blank for half a second and then goes into the page. it doesnt look very profecional or pretty, but whatever.

8/10 would use on the toilet
User avatar #230 - tylertuesday (04/14/2013) [-]
would it be possible to make a FJ app?
#262 to #230 - voidekatwo (04/15/2013) [-]
Working on it
User avatar #168 - errdayimfjing (04/12/2013) [-]
I think this is really cool, and I'm glad you actually got back to us on checking funnyjunk with our smartphones. I just have one question though, why not make FJ into an app? Wouldn't that be easier to organize and design? or is their too much paper work and hoops that apple makes you jump through?
#184 to #168 - theyoungwildfree (04/13/2013) [-]
apple apps are a pain, but an andriod app would be cake with the icing and all
User avatar #185 to #184 - errdayimfjing (04/13/2013) [-]
but why are they a pain?
#186 to #185 - theyoungwildfree (04/13/2013) [-]
I'm truly unsure. I just know that they are based on what a lot of developers say.
User avatar #187 to #186 - errdayimfjing (04/13/2013) [-]
oh ok, well I'm just saying that there are a lot of other apps made for other sites like 9gag so I'm sure DJ 4DM1N would be able to do it some way or another. But I appreciate the information.
#126 - nephritho (04/12/2013) [-]
Like I don't waste enough time on this site.
#128 to #126 - brothergrimm (04/12/2013) [-]
there is no escape
#129 to #128 - nephritho (04/12/2013) [-]
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it keeps switching pages while I'm trying to scroll .
#257 - anonymoose (04/15/2013) [-]
This mobile has a lot of bugs.
This mobile has a lot of bugs.
User avatar #258 to #257 - qubot (04/15/2013) [-]
still better then using 9gag
#211 - sleep (04/13/2013) [-]
Finally :D
Finally :D
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The content is not funny. Plz fix.

ok, it's all briliant, sorry
#207 - mickeymaufive (04/13/2013) [-]
Its a bit dodgy at times when loading on my ipod but all and all not bad for the release (I assume it is in beta).
A smartphone app would be great.
User avatar #180 - dicedfruit (04/13/2013) [-]
God dammit... just when my iPhone got stolen too... **** you universe! I was waiting like 2 years for this too ;_;
#263 to #180 - voidekatwo (04/15/2013) [-]
I ask anyone this because some people don't know it exists.

Have you tried tracking it on Find My iPhone? icloud.com/#find
User avatar #269 to #263 - dicedfruit (04/16/2013) [-]
well i tried getting verizon to track it but they didnt let me because i didnt pay for their stolen insurance service **** so i just had them disable it, if this is legit it's already on the other side of the country so it wouldnt matter anymore... even if i did know where it was after it got stolen i dont think i could have done something about it anyway (I live in a very black community, and i'm a silent hispanic kid who just moved in)
#271 to #269 - voidekatwo (04/16/2013) [-]
Verizon can't track it unless you give them your iTunes username and password.
Once you know where it is with the tool the police will retrieve it for you and you can call Verizon to get it unblocked.

Besides, I'll take it it's been too long now to do anything? I've had mine stolen, it was trackable until they smashed it up in the street because I was tracking it and sent a message telling them to return it, or the police will get you. :(
User avatar #278 to #271 - dicedfruit (04/16/2013) [-]
yeah its been about 2 or 3 weeks since it got stolen so it's pretty much gone forever
#173 - borderlandpsycho (04/12/2013) [-]
Ok, here is my opinion.

1. having the next arrow follow on the side would be very helpful. a really long content is a pain to scroll through twice, let alone nice

2. the comments are nice, though it would be better to show just the top comments like regular, and have a button for all the replies.

3. I get on my phone usually on breaks from work, i would like to link my phone to my comp or something to have both logged in without logging the other out.

4. you know how content you have already looked at is dimmed so you can keep your place? that would be helpful, as well as showing more than six comments.

other than that, it seems nice. though as a personal preferance i would keep the next button looking like on the site. Good work DJ 4DM1N. Thank you.

<--- mfw when surprise change
User avatar #176 to #173 - borderlandpsycho (04/12/2013) [-]
one more thing. an option to go back to the full site just in case something doesn't work.
#188 to #173 - AlbertEinstein (04/13/2013) [-]
Protip: You don't have to hit the arrows. Try !!Swiping!!!!
Protip: You don't have to hit the arrows. Try !!Swiping!!!!
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