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#30 - insanefreak ONLINE
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(03/20/2013) [-]
I guess I'm a newfag:

I like Obama for this, and I'm European by the way, because he's withdrawing troops rather than sending them. Withdrawing troops saves both money, and more importantly, lives.

Bush just sent them into Iraq without the EU agreeing on it (though they take their time, that has to be said as well), except with Blair, who's a war hungry idiot as well. Why? To stop Saddam from using non existent weapons of mass destruction. The result? Thousands of deaths, and a country destabilized.

Then again, who am I kidding.. Making posts about politics and reality are only appreciated by people who understand what I'm talking about..

The people that need to be reached, the future generations, they're the one who won't understand this and deem this post as irrelevant, stupid, or what not.
Swag, being cool, having the latest iPhones, tablets, and what not, that matters to them.

To the future generations thinking this is crap:
If I were your kids, I'd commit suicide to avoid having to pay your superannuation. Now hurry to google to figure out what that words means. Never could you learn more about the world, yet you spend it locked in your room!

We're doomed! All of us! We will all die, that's a fact, but I'm afraid of raising kids myself because I know they'll have to grow up alongside a generation that knows the internet, but not the world outside. When you go to a party and everyone talks through a phone rather than mouth to mouth, you realize that this world has taken a wrong direction.

Global warming, real or no, perhaps we shouldn't interfere. It'd be a merciful death to a once beautiful race that kept trying despite many failures.

And if you're still reading this, let me tell you this one thing about me:
Yes, I'm insane. Because I live in Belgium, where murderers are let out of jail after sitting out a third of their time in prison, where most crime goes unpunished, and where our politicians know crap.
If that's our sane, I'm INSANE!