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Yeah I usually use that money for gifts. And my Dad know's it that's why he gives it to me a few weeks in advance...this year I don't know though he Just and I mean Just bought a huge 5 bedroom Mansion that he should have never bought soooooooooo who knows
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>5 bedroom
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story of my life
story of my life
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**techketzer rolls 426**
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Too bad I don't get money on Christmas.
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The best part is opening up a ****** gift and being like HOLY **** YOU KNOW ME SO WELL HOW COULD I EVER GO WITHOUT THIS
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Said everyone ever.
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I would always get gift cards. I always hated those things because everyone got a gift card for a different store. It's so frustrating because even though you get $200 worth of them you can only spend $20 of it at any one store. Even better was when I would get gift cards to stores that were hours away from where I live. I'm not gonna drive 2 hours to some store just to spend $20 there.

Give cash instead. Cash doesn't cost anything to give (yes, I've seen gift cards that inexplicably charge money in exchange for only being able to use that gift card at one store), and is accepted everywhere.
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Exactly what I say to my friends.
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