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User avatar #11 - cancerousiguana
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(08/05/2012) [-]
Except Missy Franklin (17-year old US swimmer and huge JB fan) got a call from JB after she won her gold medal in the 100 back and he invited her to hang out backstage at one of his concerts after the olympics. Sooo yeah.

Not gonna lie, I hate his music, and he looks like a total fag, but honestly he seems like a pretty cool guy. I'll take my red thumbs now
User avatar #34 to #11 - thebritishguy
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(08/06/2012) [-]
he punched a kid in laser tag, was racist on twitter and cried and shouted at cars when he failed his driving test he also cancelled a show when he had a bottle thrown at him
#19 to #11 - alexzerian
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#13 to #11 - PiMaker
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