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Musical tastes

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Submitted: 07/30/2012
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User avatar #7 - metalguitarest (07/31/2012) [-]
I'm a Death Metal and Death core Fan but I mostly listen to anything. If it's good I'll listen to it. Except Pop, **** Pop.
#1 - babylonia (07/30/2012) [-]
1. I hate both.
2. He is like a God of music, if people choose to worship him, then let them do so.
3. I don't really listen to it, but AC/DC, Slayer and Metallica are good.
4. I love punk, but you don't see much of it now a'days.
5. ******* love them.
6. The occasional is good, I prefer Mumford and Sons and all that. Nice and calm.
7. No rapper is a poet.
8. I listened to Eminem once, and shall never do so again.
9. It's impressive, but doesn't make a difference in my stance on rap.
10. Yes, it does, but it's not something I can listen to 24/7. I prefer dubstep'd versions of my favorite songs occasionally.
11. Couldn't agree more. She is an insult to music.
User avatar #5 - savioratimus (07/30/2012) [-]
I dont really hate justin beiber, he does what he does. Same goes for one direction, the hate isn't really worth it. It was funny at first, now its just sad and pathetic.
I listened to Kurt Cobain.. on occasion
I ******* love trance techno, deal with it.
Bands like blind guardian and rammenstein pump me up
Kanye West, good rapper, concieted person.
I agree with you on both those counts
I respect good R'n'B some lyricial word smithing its whats ******* awesome, kind of why i like poetry so damn much
I have nothing against nicki minaj, what i have against is the ugly black chicks that try to dress like her. I live in New York, it is ******* everywhere
#6 to #5 - pineapplepeople (07/30/2012) [-]
*rammstein, and I love them. Also, if you're interested in any israeli techno trance look up infected mushroom.
User avatar #4 - lulzdealer (07/30/2012) [-]
i have a pretty wide range of tastes. i'm pretty big into techno and dubstep, but i also enjoy classic and hard rock. i'll listen to rap sometimes, mainly eminem. but if a ke$ha song comes on the radio, i won't object.
User avatar #3 - magicisinthemusic (07/30/2012) [-]
Queen,Bob Dylan,
Owl city,
Freddie Mercury,(yes he did a solo album)
And more Queen. Will you be my best friend?
User avatar #2 - bloodofthedragon (07/30/2012) [-]
the first one sounds like a comment i made earlier today
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