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#4889448 - bionicpanda ONLINE
(06/18/2013) [-]
>be in college and need job
>apply at numerous stores in the mall
>only place that might even hire me is hot topic
>1st day of working at the vamp lair I see some goth kids come in
>they start talking about goth stuff
>some chubby goth chick brings up a BOTDF t-shirt and a set of fangs
>i chuckle and she gives me this dirty look
>Ignore it and continue ringing her up
>One of her goth friends calls to her and say "Vampeera!"
>I burst out in a fit of laughter when i learn her "nickname"
>she turns around and says "You won't be laughing when lucifer the one true god has a grasp on your neck tonight
>oh god no she didn't just say that
>knowing about what's coming i back up
>the ground begins to shake
>massive footsteps getting closer
>'Vampeera' can't keep her balance due to the shockwaves of the massive steps and she falls to the floor
>Finally the giant steps arrive to the Hot Topic entrance
>Shrek, the REAL one true God has come to punish vampeera for her sins
>He begins to bash her skull in with an onion
>I begin to recite the holy ogre prayer as i witness this magnificent. once in a lifetime event
>all of the vamps run out of the store
>Shrek comes up to me with his onion raised
>I quickly show him my onion necklace he smirks and tells me it's okay and that it's all ogre now.
>shrek is love, shrek is life
#4889463 to #4889448 - susanoo
(06/18/2013) [-]
I fucking love these