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User avatar #1 - urghseventysix
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(06/18/2012) [-]
So much of this.

The only problem is you're really more than likely to develop a stronger attraction to at least one of them, then your actions change, and.... =/
User avatar #4 to #1 - auryn
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(06/18/2012) [-]
That problem only exists for whiny self-pitying people

It's real simple: She either wants to date you or she doesn't.
If she doesn't want to date you, just accept it. Just face reality, deal with it, and get over it.
Don't give yourself false hope and stop feeling sorry for yourself.

There. Now you can be friends without any problem at all.
User avatar #3 to #1 - HitlerChu [OP]
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(06/18/2012) [-]
I do know your feel on that, trust me my friend.