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#6091 - rarename
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(12/15/2012) [-]
Hey guys, i need a netflix series/movie, i have watched pretty much all the shows i know, and i need something new. Any suggestions?

Things i have watched: Breaking bad, rules of engagement, how i met your mother, Lie to me, Life, Bones, Psych, Monk, Eureka.

As you can see i enjoy mostly cop/law enforcement shows, i also really enjoy shows that have a super smart/rain man type of character in it, or just plain cool abilities, for example lie to me, or spencer on sriminal minds.

Any ideas guys? i really need something new. I was looking at Numb3rs, any good? A few people said i should watch Dr who, but i dont think i would like it.
User avatar #6100 to #6091 - ilieksheep
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(12/15/2012) [-]
Doctor Who.
Everyone of my friends who's said they didn't like the look of it or weren't interested changed their minds after watching a few episodes.