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User avatar #5201 - tvfreakuk
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(11/20/2012) [-]
I prefer this board than /tv/ at 4chan.
I mean... I like that one because I get to see about a lot of shows and films I've never heard of before, which is great... But a lot of the time this shit happens:
There is the occasional massive circle jerk of "omg can't believe some people only watch mainstream cinema and TV! What plebs!"
And then there is also the people that post spoilers for the very purpose of pissing people off...
A lot of people (me included) do the [spoiler]blah[/spoiler] thing on it, but a lot of people post spoilers without that on purpose.
At least on here, a lot of you guys put "SPOILER ALERT" above it so I can avert my eyes.
But seriously though, kim jong should maybe add that sort of feature... I know that everyone says that these boards are a "pathetic attempt to copy 4chan" (because everyone knows that 4chan is the only site with a board system like that...), but it honestly isn't that bad for fuck's sake, and gives us all a space to talk about something, without pissing people off in comment sections, so i think adding a "block spoiler" feature would be awesome
User avatar #5202 to #5201 - herecomesjohnny
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(11/20/2012) [-]
4chan wasn't the first to hide spoilers anyway, if people trashtalked him because he would be copying it then it'd just be another self-entitled arrogant 4chaner rant