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Oh man im looking for a place to vent about The Walking Dead so hopefully most of you have watched it up till season 3......
First off, carl is the biggiest cunt retard on the show. He gets Dale, one of the only people that made me not hate the entire group, completely killed. He takes Daryle's gun only to go and give it to Shane right after he lets that walker go and eat up Dale. Also, gets otis killed and Shane hurt. If he wasnt a retard and didnt stand 2 feet from a buck where anything could have happened, he wouldnt have been shot.
Secondly, Lori is the biggest dickface in the group. Wants Rick to deal with shane, and then shane tries to kill Rick and Rick has to kill him. So she gets sooooo upset over it because her husband killed the person trying to kill HER FUCKING HUSBAND, THE FATHER OF 2 CHILDREN NOW? God
Shane i cant complain much about except if wasnt such an impatient asshole he would still be alive and none of the walkers would have heard the gunshots from him and carl(sergeant mc-cunt) killing him.
Personally only T-Dog, Daryle and Glen are the only ones i care about. I liked Rick but he made too many problems happen, like sending everyone to go search for a useless 7 year old girl almost getting one of the only useful people of the group killed. Hope they step it up in the prison because these people are honestly all retards
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