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User avatar #887 - disappointment ONLINE (4 hours ago) [-]
you should ban joshlol
User avatar #888 to #887 - joshlol (4 hours ago) [-]
User avatar #889 to #888 - disappointment ONLINE (4 hours ago) [-]
fur being a fagget
#886 - anon (16 hours ago) [-]
you should Ban joshlol jk
User avatar #884 - kibbleking (07/29/2015) [-]
You should give me a million dollars
User avatar #883 - turlesrfun (07/28/2015) [-]
If you must have noisy ads, please get some that don't have an autoplay feature. Or at least use the ones that have a pause/mute button.
User avatar #882 - finishhimlarry (07/28/2015) [-]
When people post gifs, give them the option to make it auto-loop when they upload. This should automatically mute the webm also and make it auto play.
This way, you can still have the high-quality webm's and you don't have to click on a 1 second webm that is clearly a gif that is supposed to loop over and over.
User avatar #880 - aerotheobserver (07/28/2015) [-]
Damnit, please for the love of god kill the noisy ads. Every time I stay on a page longer than a few moments, I get shouted at. Not cool, man, not cool.
User avatar #876 - puffyclouds ONLINE (07/28/2015) [-]
admin, you lazy ****
give us the automatic colored text that you promised us back in february
User avatar #875 - voteshantae (07/28/2015) [-]
Change /autism/'s name back to SFW Random. Nobody wants to browse a board named after a mental disease, not even ironically. Also add a couple new banners too. Things haven't been the same since the changes, and I really do miss it.
User avatar #877 to #875 - stilljustamewfag (07/28/2015) [-]
I agree with this. It gets pretty awkward having to explain to people why I frequent a board named autism.
User avatar #874 - goobyman (07/27/2015) [-]
be able to IP ban people
this ***** made an account to annoy me
User avatar #885 to #874 - kibbleking (07/29/2015) [-]
Except people can change their IP's, pretty easily actually.
Go into command prompt and do /ipconfig renew
User avatar #866 - ncrr (07/27/2015) [-]
Having advertisement is alright. I might accidently click on, no big deal.
Please. Please. For the sake of existence and time-space, remove of the ones that make noise. They are loud, obnoxious, and startle the hell out of me.
#865 - frankiethekneeman (07/27/2015) [-]
Hey Admin. You've got a series of Discover ads that are playing on the site right now. I was gonna burn a few hours on the site, but they autoplay and can't be paused or silenced. Even if they could be, every time I go to a new page, they reload and annoy me. So, I'm gonna go. I'll be back tomorrow, probably, this isn't a threat or anything. I just want you to know that these Ads are losing you pageviews, and therefore impressions.

I make my money on the web, too - so I'll never install an ad blocker. But the only other option I have is to just leave. So, bye. See you in a while.
User avatar #856 - reican (07/26/2015) [-]
a monopoly board game for up to 4 players
or FJ 8-ball pool
User avatar #854 - echobase (07/26/2015) [-]
we need a roll jumanji obstacle
#849 - falloutsurvivor (07/26/2015) [-]
please keep the blocking feature as it is.....

adults here enjoy not having to hear **** from the retarded millennial kids who come here to troll
User avatar #850 to #849 - posttwo (07/26/2015) [-]
hide all
#851 to #850 - falloutsurvivor (07/26/2015) [-]
because ignoring a problem is better than trying to fix a problem right?
User avatar #852 to #851 - posttwo (07/26/2015) [-]
Blocking still lets you see them
hideall hides it
fixing the problem would actually honestly be having the ability to ignore it
#853 to #852 - falloutsurvivor (07/26/2015) [-]
why not both

block them, stop them from messaging or thumbing you, and not seeing their ******** when they post it elsewhere
User avatar #855 to #853 - reican (07/26/2015) [-]
I don't like the **** others posts therefore nobody else should see it either.
#857 to #855 - falloutsurvivor (07/26/2015) [-]
sadly admin wont kick the *********** off...he enjoys the traffic they generate for the site

between 1 real member who sumbits good content or 10 retarded children who only come here to annoy people...admin would pick the 10 retards because quantity of users is more important that quality....aka a ****** site but with plenty of people
User avatar #858 to #857 - reican (07/26/2015) [-]
well ignore them, it's not like an online game and you meet cheaters, here you can avoid them or simply ignore them and don't give them attention.
I used to think like you before, consider this a challenge for you to be able to ignore idiots.
#859 to #858 - falloutsurvivor (07/26/2015) [-]
well some of these retarded children on the site arent smart enough to get bored and move on....some are autistic enough to keep going for months or longer

and even if you block them they just ******** as anons and/or mention your name all over FJ

seriouly sea levels are rising from modern parents crying over how ******* stupid their kids are
User avatar #860 to #859 - reican (07/26/2015) [-]
I know, but trust me, it's not all that different from when i joined FJ, you just get used to it.
#861 to #860 - falloutsurvivor (07/26/2015) [-]
if only we could hang them from trees and let mexicans hit them with sticks like pinatas
User avatar #862 to #861 - reican (07/26/2015) [-]
that's basically how i feel about cheaters in a game.
i want to break their computer and smash their monitor over their head
#863 to #862 - falloutsurvivor (07/26/2015) [-]
saddest thing about gaming isnt just the cheaters but the moderators on the servers who protect the cheaters
ive seen too many mods are defend cheaters because theyre members of the same clan..or friends offline...or hell even just on the same team as the mods and mods enjoy them cheating to bring their team victory

but anyone else cheats or even speaks up about it...they get banned

i was on a BF2 server one time...intentionally set with a 2:1 player ratio in favor of usa team, usa team was camping enemy base with tanks and snipers...any time someone spawned they were instantly killed....and anyone on the enemy team who complained about the camping was instantly permabanned
i got permabanned simply for saying quote "seriously read the server rules, no basecamping"
User avatar #867 to #863 - admin (07/27/2015) [-]
>>#864, nothing this guy said is true, btw. he's an idiot.

not going to waste my life replying to liars tho
User avatar #879 to #867 - leonhardt (07/28/2015) [-]
Yo, could we at least get block and block IP buttons in the little dropdown menu?
So A) We can circumvent people that remove the buttons from their profiles, and 2) We can block anons without having to post content

Would really help.
User avatar #869 to #867 - reican (07/27/2015) [-]
so.. you rage about *********** ? despite you see it every day?
man, you're mean.
User avatar #878 to #869 - admin (07/28/2015) [-]
What the **** are you talking about you silly kid? I have no idea about anything you said.

User avatar #881 to #878 - reican (07/28/2015) [-]
that's because, like me you are so used to it you know that they are hardly worth the attention they attempt to acquire so we simply ignore their existence.
#868 to #867 - falloutsurvivor (07/27/2015) [-]
is reican someone i should worry about?
User avatar #870 to #868 - reican (07/27/2015) [-]
it's not the first time admin posts this on someone.
#871 to #870 - falloutsurvivor (07/27/2015) [-]
i guess at least he didnt ban us both for a giggle its okay then
User avatar #872 to #871 - reican (07/27/2015) [-]
eh, wouldn't be the first time
#873 to #872 - falloutsurvivor (07/27/2015) [-]
like a couple days ago someone spammed and addy blamed syrianassassinsoul.....
syrian said it wasnt him....the guy who did it admitted to it, but addy still banned syrry and refused to listen to the real causer's confession
User avatar #864 to #863 - reican (07/26/2015) [-]
I actually met a group of nice folks on a TF2 server once, one guy was obviously cheating ( when you basically walk up to a sentry and spam sappers while undisguised and a pyro flaming at you..) they kicked him and kept the game going, i stayed with those guys for a good long time. GTA V however. now the cheaters are using new tricks to hide their scheme by framing others, yesterday, when i reported a kid cheating, suddenly i started dying all the time and everyone on the map got basically nuked and it claimed i got all the kills.
the kid went in the mic " hurr look he's killin u all" then everyone died three seconds after he said it. ( yeah because he can see into the future, amirite?"
User avatar #848 - youregaylol (07/26/2015) [-]
#847 - ibaitexplain (07/26/2015) [-]
Make a roll bait option under rolls.
User avatar #846 - tacticulbacon ONLINE (07/26/2015) [-]
the new notifications don't let you view **** content

I just want to see besle's porn spam dammit
User avatar #845 - badmotorfinger ONLINE (07/26/2015) [-]
Why don't board thumbs count for comment levels?
User avatar #844 - disappointment ONLINE (07/26/2015) [-]
alerted when you image was rolled
User avatar #843 - darealsnooki ONLINE (07/25/2015) [-]
How about we take the auto-gif-to-webm converter... and make that mobile-exclusive?
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