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stuff floating in mercury


In this video we compare the densities between other objects and try to come to a reasonable conclusion about the possibility of walking on the surface of this strange liquid metal.

Mercury is NOT a non-newtonian fluid. It's just a really dense fluid.

Density of Mercury: 13.534 g/cm3
Density of water: 1.0 g/cm3
Density of Hassmium: 41 g/cm3
Density of Human body: 1.062 g/cm3
Density of Aerogel: 0.01 g/cm3

Mercury is a hazardous material that is VERY easy to spill and difficult to clean up. We use every precaution to prevent this and urge our viewers to avoid handling mercury at all. It is difficult to obtain but not impossible.

Views: 1556 Submitted: 01/02/2014