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#2735 - xzon
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(09/02/2012) [-]
Just finished my NFL fantasy draft. Its looking alright I suppose, think I could have done better though.
QB - Cam Newton
RB - Reggie Bush
RB - Ryan Mathews
WR - Steve Smith
WR - Jeremy Maclin
TE - Antonio Gates
WR - Steve Johnson
K - David Akers
DEF - New England Patriots

Joe Flacco
Josh Freeman
Michael Bush
Darrius Heyward-Bey
Brent Celek
Josh Scobee

Post yours guys if your up to it. Just wanted to share mine.
#2756 to #2735 - damandan
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(09/04/2012) [-]
If i may, Id recommend to get a new starting D. Overall the pats are a great team but their D is awful. Id picked them last year and shit the bed.
#2752 to #2735 - whatname
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(09/03/2012) [-]
Why would you get 2 QB's for reserve?
QB Drew Brees
HB Wills Mcgahee
HB Adrian Peterson
WR Julio Jones
WR Marques Colston
WR Pierre Garcon
TE Vernon Davis
K Matt Bryant
DST Steelers

QB Ben Roethlisberger
HB Ben Tate
WR Titus Young
DST Falcons
K Lawerence Tynes
#2859 to #2752 - Vanthemin
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(09/08/2012) [-]
I would play Titus Young, I think he should have a good season this year
#2783 to #2752 - lordofsandwitch
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(09/05/2012) [-]
Why do you have two Ds?
#2804 to #2783 - whatname
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(09/05/2012) [-]
Because I probably have a different scoring system than you.
#2811 to #2804 - lordofsandwitch
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(09/06/2012) [-]
do you use NFL.com?
#2742 to #2735 - stizz **User deleted account**
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#2739 to #2735 - DamnJackieChan
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(09/02/2012) [-]
reggie bush MIGHT have another 1000 yard season, so thats a maybe pick, but the only reason you picked ryan mathews is because they ranked him high... it's too late now, but really I don't see him as a top 10 back... maybe top 15 if he's lucky... he's just not consistent and isn't really a big play threat
#2736 to #2735 - misterbonzo
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(09/02/2012) [-]
QB- Aaron Rodgers
RB- Chris Johnson
RB- Jamaal Charles
WR- Andre Johnson
WR- Steve Smith
TE- Jimmy Graham
W/R- Hakeem Nicks
K- David Akers
DEF- Chicago Bears
BN: Tony Romo, Steven Jackson, Doug Martin, Darren Sproles, Antonio Brown, Kyle Rudolph.
#2860 to #2736 - Vanthemin
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(09/08/2012) [-]
Chris Johnson had a bad season last year, Jamaal Charles gets hurt a lot, be ready to play Steven Jackson or Darren Sproles
#2866 to #2860 - misterbonzo
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(09/08/2012) [-]
I might just play Sproles anyway, he gets all-purpose yards like a motherfucker.
#2741 to #2736 - stizz **User deleted account**
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