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User avatar #1922 - tepeniam (08/05/2012) [-]
Remember when almost everyone said "Just give Yu Darvish the AL ROY now."?
User avatar #1982 to #1922 - fuckberries (08/06/2012) [-]
I never said that. I did however say "I'll buy the hype when I see him play in the MLB"
User avatar #2016 to #1982 - szymonf (08/07/2012) [-]
is he any good in the MLB?

i dont really follow baseball
User avatar #2018 to #2016 - fuckberries (08/07/2012) [-]
He's 11-8 with a 4.57 ERA. He gets a lot of strikeouts but also has a lot of hits against.
User avatar #2020 to #2018 - szymonf (08/07/2012) [-]
Is that good? Once again all I know is about the hype that was built up around him
User avatar #2021 to #2020 - fuckberries (08/07/2012) [-]
11 wins is good 8 losses.. not so good. 4.57 ERA (Earned Run Average) is high for a starting pitcher. and like I said he does get a lot of strikeouts which is good. but lets up a lot of hits, which is bad and why he has those 8 losses and a high ERA.
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