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Sooooooo anyone want to explain american football to me? I would really appreciate it :)
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Also, the more you watch, the more you get it. It really is a simple game to get if you watch. Would you like a team to support? Where are you from? I can help you.
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11 players on the field for both offense and defense. Offense has the ball, defense doesn't. Object of the game is to get it into the end zone. 5 guys on the offensive line, they block all defensive players trying to sack, or tackle, the quarterback. The quarterback starts the play, and either hands it off to the running back, who runs as far as he can with the ball before he gets tackled, or passes it to a receiver or tight end who has to catch the ball in bounds before being tackled, or they can run as far as they can. The defense tries to stop the offense from scoring, usually 3-4 defensive linemen who only try to sack the QB or stop the running back. Linebackers are behind them, they do a combination of playing pass defense and run defense. Cornerbacks cover receivers, and safties cover the rest of the field. A fumble is when the ball is dropped or forced out of someone's hands. If the offense take it, they get the ball back from the spot where they recovered it, if the defense gets it, its their ball and the offense for that team comes out and takes over. An interception occurs when the defense catches the pass from the Quarterback. Defenses can run back and score if they can.
Game is split up into 4 15 minute quarters. The 1st and 3rd quarters start off with a kickoff, where the kicker kicks the ball off as far as he can, and the receiving side runs as far as they can with the ball until they are tackled. There are 4 downs, (plays) where the offense tries to advance the ball 10 yards. If they do, they get a fresh set. The punter comes out when they cannot get the allotted yards in the downs, and he kicks off to the other team as far as he can, while the other team has someone returning. If the team has made it far enough down the field, but can't score, the kicker comes on to try the field goal, which is usually 20-55 yards.
Touchdown, (offense puts ball in end zone)=6 points
Field Goal, 3 points
Extra point (after touchdown, 19 yard kick)=1 point
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Hooly shit thats a lot of writing! Thanks you so much! This explains everything I will ever need to know. You sir, are awesome :)
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Would you like a team to support?
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Sure :)
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Ok what do you want?
Mediocre Assholes
Good team full of old vets, not much young talent
Young and rising team
Forever mediocre
Forever irrelevant
Loveable losers
Shitty fans
OK team
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Well, who do you support? I already have a shitty home team though so something new would be nice haha.
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Woah woah. Who's your local team? If you live in the states, support them. Don't be a bandwagoner, unless that team is the Cleveland Browns. Then I understand.
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Philadelphia Eagles and a lot of people like them but for some reason they annoy me. Okay fine I choose an okay team then.
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The Eagles are ok, and for the sake of your life, just try to like them. Eagles fans are shit tier rude, you'll get hurt if you like any other NFC East team (Giants, Cowboys, or Redskins). You can go for Da Burrs, but that wouldn't be smart, considering the Eagles are rivals with just about every body in the NFC.
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I can take them haha cool then I will check out the Burrs. Thanks for all of your help! You are pretty cool!
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Please not DA BURRS is an /sp/ meme for the Chicago Bears. Thank you :)
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Oh *slaps face* that makes loads of sense. No problem you have helped me in many ways.
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A safety is a rare occasion, its when the defense stops the ball in their end zone, meaning the offense is more than 100 yards away from theirs, which is 2 points. More stuff you should know....
Penalties. Most common include false start, offsides (a player moving to early before the play) holding, (offensive players cannot grab defensive players while chasing) pass interference (Cornerback pushes WR while the ball is in the air).
Onsider kick-During the kick off, the kicker snubs it 10 yards and the kicking team tries to recover.
Hail Mary-a pass from the QB where he heaves it and "prays" (hence, hail mary) that someone catches it
Play Action-a fake hand off to the running back, QB passes it
If you have any other questions, feel free to ask.
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