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User avatar #48482 - cyclonezero (11 hours ago) [-]
reminding everyone to vote for brian dozier on the final vote ballot
#48473 - Elk (13 hours ago) [-]
>Playing NCAA Football 13 online    
>Guy picks Florida State    
>I pick Georgia Tech    
>Scoring goes like this:    
>7-0 FSU    
>7-3 FSU    
>14-3 FSU    
>14-10 FSU    
>17-14 GT   
>Defense is doing great now   
>Get the ball back   
>Kill the clock to one minute    
>Defense exits the stadium    
>Touchdown Florida State    
>Playing NCAA Football 13 online
>Guy picks Florida State
>I pick Georgia Tech
>Scoring goes like this:
>7-0 FSU
>7-3 FSU
>14-3 FSU
>14-10 FSU
>17-14 GT
>Defense is doing great now
>Get the ball back
>Kill the clock to one minute
>Defense exits the stadium
>Touchdown Florida State
#48474 to #48473 - Elk (13 hours ago) [-]
Georgia Tech is officially the worst team on this game.

>Guy is Miami
>Gets a touchdown in the second quarter
>I tie the game in the fourth quarter
>7-7 with 10 seconds to go
>Miami field goal
>Quarterback doesn't throw when I press the button

It wouldn't make me so mad if my quarterback would fucking react when I pressed the button. I don't think I would have won anyway, but he wouldn't fucking throw it.
#48479 to #48474 - figatron ONLINE (11 hours ago) [-]
Worst is when you call a vertical route and one of your guys is wide open with no one to beat and you press the button on the Qb won't throw and he gets sacked for like -20 or something.
User avatar #48475 to #48474 - saltyfries (12 hours ago) [-]
be thankful you don't have NCAA 14, the last in the series, it's so broken it broke a world record in Guiness for most broken game.
#48477 to #48475 - figatron ONLINE (11 hours ago) [-]
everytime I do a season Georgia Tech plays like Navy or something in the national championship.

Meanwhile FSU would go 6-6, Alabama would go 2-10, Minnesota wins the BIG etc.

Annoys me every time.
User avatar #48476 to #48475 - Elk (12 hours ago) [-]
...Seriously? What's wrong with it?
User avatar #48480 to #48476 - saltyfries (11 hours ago) [-]
in fact, I found the thread on when it happened /sports/39207#39207
User avatar #48478 to #48476 - saltyfries (11 hours ago) [-]
bugs and glitches out the ass

Multiple times I have faced AI teams, whom had all 3 timeouts, plenty of clock or random quarter, go delay of game on themselves... like as if their controller disconnected.

I had one play, I was defense, where the offense lined up in the wildcat (normal, it's a trick play obviously), the RB was lined up as QB (normal), QB was WR (normal), the center snapped the ball and the ball literally went perpendicular to the QB, idk how to this day.

It's impossible to pass, seriously, any pass play you pick, regardless of difficulty, regardless how much you try to break the game in your favor, you cannot complete a pass, the defense deflects your pass every play, unless you run first to set up a play action. I am not kidding.

Even if you win all your games, by enormous amounts, you won't recruit the best players

I had Melvin Gordon break all sorts of records and run like 5k rushing yards in 1 season, he didn't get Heisman, it went to my WR, who didn't break any records...

yeah, the game is broken
#48472 - Elk has deleted their comment [-]
#48469 - saltyfries (17 hours ago) [-]
I find it insulting that the Brewers kickass on the road, and immediately coming home they suck, then again, Kyle Lohse is starting so that explains it. Seriously we could've traded him, dumped his contract, got the same guys and I wouldn't have been NEARLY as butthurt because Gallardo is under 3.00 ERA while Lohse is now close to 7.00 ERA...
#48468 - anon (07/06/2015) [-]
lol Rory McIlroy
#48467 - themanwithnoplan (07/06/2015) [-]
Abby Wambach right now
User avatar #48465 - subtard (07/06/2015) [-]
David Ortiz's first start at 1st base at Fenway in 10 years is also the first time in Red Sox history that their first baseman didn't finish an out. 27 outs to get and none of them were a routine ground ball The only possible one went right through Brock Holt's legs or popup to the first baseman.
#48463 - saltyfries (07/06/2015) [-]
btw, 8 game win streak... how the fuck did that happen?
User avatar #48464 to #48463 - bondofsnow (07/06/2015) [-]
Well the Brewers faced the Phillies and that's kind of a free series sorry hockeykicksass but they've been having a rough few years . I have no idea how they beat the hell out of the Reds (close games would have been understandable, but the Brewers humiliated them).

Last year the Brewers were really good in the early season then sucked in the later season. Perhaps this year they're gonna suck during the early season and dominate late in the season.
User avatar #48462 - saltyfries (07/06/2015) [-]
I really want to play Triple Play 2000 now for PC, but only amazon sells it, and i do NOT trust the internet at all for purchasing... GoG doesn't sell it, Origin (Triple Play 2k is made by EA) doesn't, no Steam, nobody but Amazon, that worries me. Side note, I could sell Conker's Bad Fur day, cartridge only for $90
User avatar #48470 to #48462 - BmanX (15 hours ago) [-]
never, NEVER sell Conker's EVER but you can send it to me for free if you like
User avatar #48471 to #48470 - saltyfries (15 hours ago) [-]
While I respect the games hilarity, I can't really play it, I have no idea what I'm doing, not saying the game sucks, it's just that I don't know where to go and shit. It would be easier for me to just sell it than keep it. and no to sending it to you for free ;)
User avatar #48466 to #48462 - fuckberries (07/06/2015) [-]
I haven't had any problems with an amazon purchase yet, hell I bought a ps3 off there and its still working fine five years later.
#48460 - awesomerninjathing (07/06/2015) [-]
forget the golden boot
sydney leroux wins golden boobs
User avatar #48458 - awesomerninjathing (07/06/2015) [-]

User avatar #48456 - awesomerninjathing (07/06/2015) [-]
tfw alex morgan kisses the ball on the trophy but not your balls
#48455 - anon (07/06/2015) [-]
Godzilla didn't die for this
User avatar #48453 - suddenk (07/06/2015) [-]
Hope Solo's golden globe should be a boxing glove
User avatar #48454 to #48453 - suddenk (07/06/2015) [-]
User avatar #48451 - awesomerninjathing (07/06/2015) [-]
the fifa chicks in black dresses are hot af
User avatar #48449 - awesomerninjathing (07/06/2015) [-]
I just realized Sydney Leroux didn't play

#48447 - hockeykicksass (07/06/2015) [-]
TFW Carli Lloyd lives 20 minutes from you, is a qt3.14, roots for the same hockey team as you, but has a fiance
User avatar #48450 to #48448 - hockeykicksass (07/06/2015) [-]
She lives in delran, which is in south jersey
User avatar #48461 to #48450 - teoyuppie (07/06/2015) [-]
JERSEY! HELL FUCKING YEAH! We rocked that World Cup
#48446 - lupusluzulu (07/06/2015) [-]
#48457 to #48444 - saltyfries (07/06/2015) [-]
this should be on /pol/
User avatar #48452 to #48444 - suddenk (07/06/2015) [-]
A day that will live in infamy
User avatar #48442 - awesomerninjathing (07/06/2015) [-]
they subbed off my babe smh
User avatar #48443 to #48442 - bondofsnow (07/06/2015) [-]
there there, it'll be k
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