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#48756 - saltyfries (4 hours ago) [-]
Regrettably i've been having a little fun with MLB 15 the Show, as much as I hate the game, at times it'll act pretty cool. I was messing with some rosters a little bit by calling up the best 4 infield rookies to San Diego, the Shortstop hit 2 HR's as well as the 1st Baseman, the 3rd baseman got a solid hit as well as the 2nd baseman. The shortstop's homers though were baller, both were 420+ feet no doubt solo shots, while the 1st baseman got the clutch 3-run homerun. if you're wondering what their names are, they're just system made rookies, 75 overall 3B Will Ernst, 74 overall 1B Stephen Chen, 74 overall 2B Frederick Kelly, and 73 overall SS Oliver Haynes.
#48755 - themanwithnoplan (5 hours ago) [-]
I'm just here so I don't get fined
#48753 - crimsonhazzard (10 hours ago) [-]
Tristan Thompson is being a greedy pig.
User avatar #48752 - MillionsKnives (10 hours ago) [-]
Well the Brewers traded Gomez....It was expected due to his contract being up at the end of next year, but I was hoping for something better than a SS (due to the Brewers having a good one in the prospect pool already) and a pitcher who had Tommy Johns surgery already. Kinda a disappointing return, to be honest.
User avatar #48754 to #48752 - MillionsKnives (9 hours ago) [-]
And the deal fell through, pretty glad about it. Now they can either get a more suitable deal or wait til next year and get nothing because he will probably play like shit.
#48750 - anon (07/29/2015) [-]
I give Dave Dombrowski credit. He has managed to pick up a relief pitcher that is somehow worse than anyone else Detroit has had pitch out of there bullpen this year. It takes true dedication to find someone that awful.
#48751 to #48750 - anon (07/29/2015) [-]
Disregard post as I am obviously retarded.
User avatar #48748 - damandan (07/29/2015) [-]
MLB player of the week: Curt Casali
#48746 - spazzin (07/28/2015) [-]
#48740 - anon (07/28/2015) [-]
4 game suspension against Tom Brady upheld
User avatar #48749 to #48740 - damandan (07/29/2015) [-]
It would've been 2 games if he said he did it
User avatar #48747 to #48740 - blazingpelt (07/29/2015) [-]
Evidence pretty much says straight-up that he was guilty, too.
#48734 - anon (07/27/2015) [-]
This kills the rectum
User avatar #48736 to #48734 - hockeykicksass (07/27/2015) [-]
To be fair Lecavailer has played like shit these last two years
#48730 - themanwithnoplan (07/26/2015) [-]
Goodbye Cueto, you were too good for us.

Most Likely goodbye Chapman, you are too legendary for us.
User avatar #48735 to #48730 - saltyfries (07/27/2015) [-]
I just really fucking hope the Brewers don't get stupid and trade Braun, Gomez, and Segura...
#48726 - suddenk (07/26/2015) [-]
**suddenk used "*roll picture*"**
**suddenk rolled image** TFW when only 2 more weeks till nfl preseason games
#48737 to #48726 - anon (07/27/2015) [-]
User avatar #48733 to #48731 - plataeiou (07/27/2015) [-]
pardon whilst I go sob
User avatar #48732 to #48731 - plataeiou (07/27/2015) [-]
ride of failure
#48722 - straightbusta (07/26/2015) [-]



#48718 - cycloneclone (07/26/2015) [-]
gg yanks
you fucking did it again
i dont know how, but you always fucking manage to kick our ass
User avatar #48719 to #48718 - fuckberries (07/26/2015) [-]
its interesting how well the yankees do with CC OFF the fucking mound.
User avatar #48716 - bondofsnow (07/25/2015) [-]
hockeykicksass no-hitter for the Phillies, so you've got that going for you.
User avatar #48721 to #48716 - hockeykicksass (07/26/2015) [-]
Something had to not suck for us this year, and now his trade value cant get much higher
User avatar #48720 to #48716 - saltyfries (07/26/2015) [-]
fuckin Cole Hamels, carrying their weight, god damn...
#48715 - anon (07/25/2015) [-]
Grade my way to early fantasy draft

QB: Peyton Manning, Phillip Rivers
RB: Leveon Bell, McCoy, TJ Yeldon, Joseph Randle, Bishop Sankey
WR: Calvin Johnson, Amari Cooper, Eric Decker, Doug Baldwin, Torrey Smith
TE: Martellus Bennett, Tyler Eifert
K: Stephen Gostkowski
D/ST: Eagles
User avatar #48741 to #48715 - brownskin (07/28/2015) [-]
Martelly is a good choice at TE, given what was probably left at that point. Don't know how I feel about Manning and Rivers. Manning is on his way out, but Rivers don't seem to be doing too bad. Think best pair this year would be Rodgers and Luck. Running back has some talent, I'll give you that, but obviously you could have done well. I'm thinking AP, and Lacy will have really good years (AP needs some form of redemption) and I think Arian Forster is looking to come back and have a great year. I doubt my draft will look anywhere near as good as yours. I got stuck with the last pick this year.
User avatar #48738 to #48715 - indulge (07/28/2015) [-]
solid draft. I would try to trade Cooper early since it's not guaranteed that hes going to be anything special. And if you can strike the right deal, you can totally come on top.
#48728 to #48715 - figatron (07/26/2015) [-]
If you got Rivers and Manning, could you have gotten a better RB instead of Rivers? Most weeks you won't need a #2 QB and Rivers is valuable. meanwhile Bell is great and McCoy is good but after that you have nothing.
#48729 to #48728 - anon (07/26/2015) [-]
Rivers was my third last pick. All good rb were gone. I think my backs are serviceable. Most of them are just unproven
User avatar #48724 to #48715 - hawaiianhappysauce (07/26/2015) [-]
Draft RBs first. QBs last. The fact you have peyton manning says it all. Go for 2 good RBs and a TE. Those are rare. WRs and QBs grow on trees. Kickers grow on trees. And during the season, after you use some of your backups, start collecting defenses and wait for them to play Jacksonville, TB, Tennessee, Redskins, or the Bears.
#48725 to #48724 - anon (07/26/2015) [-]
That's why I have McCoy and Bell.
User avatar #48727 to #48725 - hawaiianhappysauce (07/26/2015) [-]
Mccoy sucks.
User avatar #48717 to #48715 - fuckberries (07/26/2015) [-]
what are your other choices for defense?
#48713 - anon (07/25/2015) [-]
So whats /sports/ opinion on Hogan being fired. Seeing that everyone on FJ is losing their minds. How is this different from Sterling.
User avatar #48714 to #48713 - fuckberries (07/25/2015) [-]
my opinion, he's extremely racist. He even admitted he was. But we are in the PG era of wrestling so anything wrong will be dealt with over exaggerated. He lost his job, his income, and his legacy because some faggot released that tape 8 years after.
User avatar #48742 to #48714 - brownskin (07/28/2015) [-]
Racist or not, the fact that he got fired for something he said on a private sex tape that was released without his permission us pretty damn rediculous
#48743 to #48742 - rediculous (07/28/2015) [-]
User avatar #48744 to #48743 - brownskin (07/28/2015) [-]
Oops. Thanks.
#48745 to #48744 - rediculous (07/28/2015) [-]
s'all good, buddy
User avatar #48712 - PopcornViking (07/25/2015) [-]
Goin to the Mets game today with my friends

Hopefully Harvey, Conforto, and Uribe do shit

#48711 - anonymoussarcasm (07/25/2015) [-]
I'm looking for a gif of a futball coach with a note pad and it zooms in on it and it says "shoot".
#48698 - saltyfries (07/24/2015) [-]
bondofsnow, welcome back to your ball club Aramis Ramirez.

$13 million now gone from the Brewers, now we just need to deal Adam Lind, Parra, Lohse, Broxton, Garza, and most likely K-Rod.
#48707 to #48698 - anon (07/24/2015) [-]
The Brewers saved $3 million, not $13 million.
#48710 to #48709 - anon (07/24/2015) [-]
Of the $14 million salary, around $8 million had already been allocated to the Brewers expenses over the first 95 games, leaving around $6 million salary remaining. As part of the transaction between the Brewers and Pirates, the Pirates agreed to pay $3 million of the remaining $6 million; the Brewers retain roughly 50% of his remaining salary. The retained $3 million plus the $8 million already allocated means that the Brewers will pay Aramis Ramirez $11 million dollars total for the 2015 season instead of the original $14 million. They saved $3 million dollars on the transaction.
User avatar #48705 to #48698 - bondofsnow (07/24/2015) [-]
Fun fact: he was traded back to the Pirates exactly 12 years after they first traded him.
User avatar #48700 to #48698 - cycloneclone (07/24/2015) [-]
i'd give my left nut for the twins to take gomez back
User avatar #48701 to #48700 - saltyfries (07/24/2015) [-]
you may just get him back because I keep hearing we're going to have to deal cuz muh small market can't afford him, even though we just delt $13 million to Pittsburgh and can be put into Gomez...
User avatar #48702 to #48701 - cycloneclone (07/24/2015) [-]
nah he'll go some where else
twins really aren't even in the market for an outfielder
i think the mets will get em
User avatar #48703 to #48702 - saltyfries (07/24/2015) [-]
Mets were biggest rumor

I think we got a minor league infielder for Ramirez, so already that's a decent trade in going younger, plus this gives us an excuse to call up Matt Dominquez and Jason Rogers again to play 3B knowing we're out of contention.
User avatar #48704 to #48703 - cycloneclone (07/24/2015) [-]
oh and we'll also take lucroy pls
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