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#53632 - gulijens (11/18/2012) [-]
hey ! someone care to chat ? :D

maybe be friends??
User avatar #53637 to #53632 - cannedpeas (11/18/2012) [-]
Hello! how was/is your day?
#53639 to #53637 - gulijens (11/18/2012) [-]
well... kinda chill :p
slept long, chill with internet, watched tv, eating, some smalltalk with my hosts, some hot chocolate and tea, and a lot of bisquits !

and how was YOUR day ?
User avatar #53642 to #53639 - cannedpeas (11/18/2012) [-]
It was pretty good, I got zebra pajama pants and a baby gate to keep my dog out of my room, now I have to go to a play in an hour which I really don't wanna go to
#53648 to #53642 - gulijens (11/18/2012) [-]
a musical is back at home, and i'm so sad i won't be home to see it :c
a few of my friends are in it...

i want a zebra pj too...
User avatar #53650 to #53648 - cannedpeas (11/18/2012) [-]
It always scares me when people reply with 'cool...', it makes me feel like they don't wanna talk D:
Maybe you could get someone to record it? Unless that would make you sadder

They match my blanket
#53653 to #53650 - gulijens (11/18/2012) [-]
does it help if i say 'kul' instead ?
and well.. someone might record it, but it's just not the same as if i was there myself :/

now you made me extremely jelly... i also want a zebra blanket!
User avatar #53657 to #53653 - cannedpeas (11/18/2012) [-]
That sucks huge nuts, I see where you're coming from, at least you would be able to see how they did though

Ive never really even liked zebras that much.
#53664 to #53657 - gulijens (11/18/2012) [-]
yea, you have a point... hope someone gets it in an okay quality !

Lions like zebras... you like lions ?
User avatar #53666 to #53664 - cannedpeas (11/18/2012) [-]
I like lions. Lion print pajamas aren't as fun.
#53672 to #53666 - gulijens (11/18/2012) [-]
you're right... no spots or stripes... kinda boring... but they are awesome...
User avatar #53680 to #53672 - cannedpeas (11/18/2012) [-]
Word, if a silverback gorilla and a lion got in a fight, who would win?
#53687 to #53680 - gulijens (11/18/2012) [-]
well... i honestly don't know... they are both strong and have sharp teeth...
but maybe the lion ! i'm guessing it's faster than the gorilla :p
you agree, no ?
User avatar #53689 to #53687 - cannedpeas (11/18/2012) [-]
I'd say the gorilla, those things will fucking tear apart anything in their path
#53693 to #53689 - gulijens (11/18/2012) [-]
good point... but the lion is still fast... might be a kinda close fight..
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