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#39306 - churrocharizard (08/21/2012) [-]
Yesterday I posted a picture of myself making a really ridiculous face, and someone requested that I post a normal picture of myself. So here it is. Please excuse the bad quality and messy hair. Long day at work, and it's super dark in here and I didn't feel like getting up to turn the lights on. So yay for flash on my super white face.

20 from Washington state in the US.
#39375 to #39306 - anon (08/21/2012) [-]
Your hair is nice
User avatar #39502 to #39375 - churrocharizard (08/22/2012) [-]
Well thanks! It had been up all day, so I wasn't sure what it'd look like once I let it down, hehe.
User avatar #39373 to #39306 - mechaemperor (08/21/2012) [-]
Messy hair is best.
User avatar #39503 to #39373 - churrocharizard (08/22/2012) [-]
My hair's messy quite often. I'm way too lazy to style it.
User avatar #39354 to #39306 - moda (08/21/2012) [-]
i saw you on omegle
User avatar #39356 to #39354 - churrocharizard (08/21/2012) [-]
That must have been a long-ass time ago lol because I haven't been on omegle for months. Did we have an actual conversation?
#39385 to #39356 - moda (08/21/2012) [-]
yes im vauly boy
yes im vauly boy
User avatar #39477 to #39385 - churrocharizard (08/22/2012) [-]
Yes, well. Can't say that I recall.
#39357 to #39356 - anon (08/21/2012) [-]
No, we had cam sexytimes
User avatar #39359 to #39357 - churrocharizard (08/21/2012) [-]
Fuckyeah, anon, you so bangin'.
User avatar #39312 to #39306 - MacheteJoe (08/21/2012) [-]
very nice picture. Too bad i'm on the opposite end of the country!
User avatar #39315 to #39312 - churrocharizard (08/21/2012) [-]
Thanks very much, sir. Where do you reside?
User avatar #39317 to #39315 - MacheteJoe (08/21/2012) [-]
I'm a resident of Georgia for the time being but I'm considering on moving to Texas for work if I don't go back to Afghanistan soon.
User avatar #39318 to #39317 - churrocharizard (08/21/2012) [-]
I just moved from Arizona. That's almost Texas. Hehe. How long were you in Afghanistan previously?
User avatar #39320 to #39318 - MacheteJoe (08/21/2012) [-]
well Not afghanistan but Iraq. I was meaning back as in the middle east. I served 15 months in Iraq.
User avatar #39323 to #39320 - churrocharizard (08/21/2012) [-]
Ah, I see. I appreciate your commitment, leaving friends and family behind to serve on behalf of your country and countrymen.
User avatar #39327 to #39323 - MacheteJoe (08/21/2012) [-]
And thank you for your well thought out response! Its refreshing to see an original and creative response. Not that I don't still receive goosebumps and swell with pride each time some one simply says "thank you for your service"
User avatar #39324 to #39323 - MacheteJoe (08/21/2012) [-]
I was able to serve so I felt as it was my duty to for those who can't. If you would like to see more of me I posted several pictures in my user uploads.
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