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User avatar #39297 - MacheteJoe (08/21/2012) [-]
oh hi board. Pic related (i'm the one with hair)
#39298 to #39297 - MacheteJoe (08/21/2012) [-]
fing computer
#39307 to #39298 - flynnwing (08/21/2012) [-]
I recently applied to the Canadian armed forces as a Weapons tech recruit.
User avatar #39309 to #39307 - MacheteJoe (08/21/2012) [-]
I was a CH-47 Helicopter mechanic. Best time of my life
User avatar #39311 to #39309 - flynnwing (08/21/2012) [-]
that's kick ass, it's been a dream of mine to join the army and try and help people as much as possible.
User avatar #39314 to #39311 - MacheteJoe (08/21/2012) [-]
That was my dream too. Just be prepared to have to take anothers life. I thought I was ready but you can never truly be ready.
User avatar #39316 to #39314 - flynnwing (08/21/2012) [-]
yeah, i have been mentally preparing myself for that.
User avatar #39319 to #39316 - MacheteJoe (08/21/2012) [-]
no matter how much you tell yourself its for the greater good and you did it to protect others you never really forgive yourself for it. But you joining your countries armed forces you have a lot less chance of seeing combat than I did. Within 3 months of completing training I was on the plane to Iraq for 15 months.
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